I AD FAQ and strats

Hello. This thread is about the air dash, one of the specials done by Twelve. I thought since some of the members on the forums were starting to get into the character, I thought it would be a good idea to put a strats and faq of his IAD. Here it is:

How to do it:
To do an IAD, press up-foreward while on the ground, then press foreward quickly in the air. The main purpose of IAD is to put Twelve in a sooner dashing state, and therefore allow him to hit the opponent faster. You can also do a reverse IAD by pressing jump-back and such.

IAD or norm AD?
Is the IAD a better dash then the normal AD? There’s no real answer, but keep in mind the uses of both. An IAD makes the LP,LK,MP, and MK attacks hit right on target , as does the NAD. HP and HK whiff when used in the IAD. (Whiff in fighting games mean to miss) HP and HK hit the traget better in an NAD however. The aireal AXE whiffs in IAD aswell.

IAD strats
Since IADs are the base of Twelve’s game, it’s important to know the tricks to confuse and defeat enemies. An IAD to any normal attack other than HP and HK result in a quick attack. Using HP and HK to purposely whiff can cause opponents to let down their gaurd, thinking you’ll do something naughty to them. What do you do when they whiff? You either:
A: Go for an instant grab.

B:Do a ground attack (usually low hits)

C:Dash away, or jump off.
Please note: I am reffering to what Twelve should do, not the enemy.

There are other tidbits you can use with IAD. Using LP and LK, if the attack hits the enemy, you could follow up with a sudden throw. An IAD’d MP and MK can also knock out aireal enemies. Using DRA during your IAD is wierd, but sometimes it will make the enemy respond by using AA moves. Planning where you land after the DRA can make opponents whiff on accident. Another tidbit, innvolving the RAD, you can IAD away from the opponent, (A little slowly and more visually, and therefore a great way to have your enemy lower their guard) do any normal attack, then when you land and the enemy is in the air (or they’re not paying attention to their defences) do an ex NDL, or an attack that covers space. (standing MP, low MK, etc.)

Hazards of IAD:
Both the IAD and NAD are hazardous specials to use. If you’re on top of the game and execute moves fast, you can use the IAD without being scathed. Fail at some point and you can be crushed. Some things to keep in mind when using the IAD:
1: you can’t parry when air dashing

2:A majority of Twelves moves can be out-prioritized by certain moves, so plan accordingly

The IAD may play a big role in your Twelve game, but remember that it can get predictable and counterable easily, so you should also learn some ground games. Unfortunetly this forum isn’t about ground games, so your on your own there.

Well, that’s about it for all I know, stop by and give advice and any more things I didn’t put in clearly. Later, and Happy Thanksgiving.:party:

Nice tips regarding it’s G.L.I.D.E., can u also provide what attacks will whiff & such if u do an instant G.L.I.D.E.
BTW you CAN do SA II during G.L.I.D.E. right?

A few extra points:

NAD into HK will pull Twelve towards the ground early. Good for baiting AA. If you can encourage the other player not to AA with this trick, it makes life for Twelve that much easier.

IAD backwards with HP is a good meter builder. One trick I’ve been doing a lot lately is NAD backwards with HP, followed by NAD backwards with HP, followed by NAD backwards into wall bounce, hit opponent with HP. Most players get antsy after they cotton onto your meter building tactics and go to attack when they see the third backwards airdash, which is when you wall bounce back towards them. Cute but effective. Easier to just spaz out on cr. MP though.

HK and AXE while in NAD can cross-up. Neither is that useful in my opinion, but worth throwing in every now and then, especially if your opponent is getting a good read on you.

I’m not 100% sure but I think NAD AXE is safe on block. It’s good for chip damage KO at any rate. And by that, I mean it’s infinitely better than ground AXE for chip damage KO, which is what almost everyone tries and what almost everyone expects.

Someone else in some other thread said you should IAD out the corner. Never ever, ever ever, ever even try this. Always EX dive out the corner.

And Twelve doesn’t really have much of a ground game to discuss. St. MP, cr. MK, walk under cross-ups, cr.LK xx LP AXE xx XNDL, never use HK against Chun-Li, cr. MP to buid meter. Really, what else is there to know?

I’m certain I wrote what would whiff in the IAD, try reading again if you could. As for the SA II, unfortunately you can’t do it while in G.L.I.D.E.

Well, the only advice I can say for ground games is to try and disicipline yourself into attacking frequently. when they’re at s.MP range, wait for them to fall out of line and hit em with s.MP. One thing you could learn is when the fight gets close, do LP high and low, or low LK, and cancel into an AXE. Not strong, but it’ll build meter and do SOME damage. you could even do the LP cancel into NDL if your opponent doesn’t like to move much a cupple of times. Then there’s s.MK that cancels into a super jumb, allowing you to do more air games. Good questions btw.

The way I see it, these are Twelve’s best ground game options (I’ve excluded all IAD and NAD options for the sake of clarity):

Up close:
Block string (st.LK, cr.LK, cr.MK is a good one)
cr.LK xx LP AXE (hit confirm) xx super
st.MK, super-jump (best done after landing from IAD or NAD)

st.MP (good against taller characters such as Hugo and Q)
Psychic st.FP (element of guesswork involved but hitbox will also catch anyone dashing in, good when opponent is cornered)
cr.HK (ONLY when at max-range)

st.HK (only at max-range, never against Chun-Li)

Full screen:
Build meter with cr.MP
Walk forwards

I don’t like doing ground AXE up close in any flavour, LP, MP or FP, because it’s vulnerable to a lot of moves/Super Arts on Reversal. Hopefully, more people will come in and dispute this post and throw more ideas around.

only when Chun-Li has bar is it bad to do standing HK.
The NAD to AXE is ok. Good cause, he pauses (the start-up) before doing it which kinda confuses opponents. Ok to use in wake-up…sometimes against an opponent. Ok air-to-air if you anticipate an attack.

And NAH HK is great on wake-up. After a f/b + throw or EX NDL, do NAD HK (whiff and land in front), most scrub shotos will throw out a SRK, so then you can dodge it, walk up & throw them on the rebound. Alotta noobs fall for this trick alot