I almost got into a car accident today. It's messing up my mind

so today i had to buy some stuff for my work. they had me go to a place i’ve never been before. so i just mapquest it and drove up there. being unfamiliar with the streets i got lost just wandering around looking for the store. eventually i found it.

the accident almost happened when i was trying to make a left turn into the store. there were no traffic lights whatsoever so i had to yield to traffic going towards me in the opposite lane. however traffic wouldn’t slow down as cars just kept on coming. so i just decided to turn when there’s a large enough gap.

however i misjudged the gap and i see that a red ford explorer was gaining speed and was hella close to me so i panicked and stopped my turn halfway in it’s lane. I thought we were going to collide. i see it didn’t slow down in the corner of my eye so i just floored the gas and accelerated into the store. thank god i made it. i thought i was going to die that instant.

the near accident was really stressful and was taking a toll on me. i was making mistakes and getting yelled back at work. i ended up leaving early that day. on my way home i would hesitate and think about every left turn i made.

everything happened so fast. do you guys think maybe the red ford explorer somehow yielded and i was lucky to avoid it or is it just pure luck? i’m pretty sure we would’ve collided. also have you guys gotten in near accidents and how would you deal with the stress? it’s killing my head right now.

Humans always like to attach meaning to every event in their lives and consider it a blessing. If it’s really bothering you, have a personal talk with a loved one. Until then it’s just the usual stuff whenever something hectic happens, etc just wait it out and have time fix it all.

I got into a car accident (car hydroplaned and hit a tree) and posted it on SRK last spring.

I got trolled and everyone said I was going too fast, even though I wasnt going fast at all. lol @ “you should have pulled the emergency break” that one still gets me, the shit happened like a flash of lightning. ANYWAYSSSSS

It’ll be ok dude, everyone with a real lease on life would be shaken up after a nasty accident. Do like me and buy an old Dreamcast and play Powerstone until your woes wash away.

I was almost ran over by some drunkard at the four way stop by where I live. I was coming back from NYC rather late one Saturday night (around 1 am) and the stop is two blocks away. So I walk down to the four way stop, look both ways and all that, and decide to start walking. This shithead literally pulls out of a driveway and just floors it out and into the four way stop. Obviously instead of stopping he keeps going, and I’m still walking. I absolutely freeze up like a deer in the head lights and this guy actually catches his bearings and stops the car probably within half a foot of touching me. I look at him with the most scorn and outright disgust I’ve ever had for anyone in my life.

Then I went home, ate some ice cream, and played MvC2 until I fell asleep.

Shit happens man, thank fate and all that that you’re ok and enjoy your life thanks to it. The more time you spend stressing on the ‘severity of the situation’ the worse off you’ll be.

I was almost shot in a shootout

You forgot the part where you plowed through someone’s yard. You were going too fast lol.

I’ve been in one accident similar to yours. I made a left and was tboned. Scariest moment of my lifetime still remember everything. You eventually get over it. That was 3 years ago. Still kinda sketchy about left turns with traffic.

I almost got in another one the other night. It was 2 am and i was driving home. Just cruising like normal, going about 75(slow for California) in the fast lane. Further ahead I guess a car spun out and its windshield was facing traffic with 3/4ths his car in the fast lane and the other party on the shoulder. The driver had turned off his head lights and put on his emergency flashers. These emergency flashers are. Not that bright in the front. I was probably within 20 or so yards before i even saw the lights and it registered. I had to swerve so fast. Was shaky the rest of the way home

I was a couple inches away from getting destroyed by a car going 70+ MPH at a red light, when I was walking to school. I had just got off the bus, and wasn’t able to see the car (the bus was blocking the view), so there was no way I could have dodged it in time. This was about a few weeks before Vanilla SF4 came out.

I was also in another accident almost 2 years ago. It was heavy snow, and we slid into a ditch and hit the guard rail. My body was really sore after that day.

Life is scary, but don’t let it beat you up. You can overcome this.

Damn, were you in the passengers seat bro? lol

My car hydroplaned and slid into someones yard where the tree was, the street was on a mountain hill. I was going the speed limit I actually had a bad back tire.

As long as we’re trading near death experiences while visiting my relatives in Bangladesh I had to jump out the window of a van going 90mph my cousin’s friend was driving because him and the other passengers were on heroin and a bus smashed into the part of the van where I was sitting.

I went back to my cousin’s, slept all day, and buried myself online for a few days and I was fine.

Anything can happen at anytime just try your best to stay calm and roll with it no one can blame you for whatever happens as long as you follow that step.

Man the fuck up and get over it.

Once I went through a stop sign, the day after getting my driver’s permit. I didn’t even see the thing (and it wasn’t exactly hidden …), and when my mother started yelling, I just put my head down in a fetal position and kept going. It was a four-way intersection, too.

I actually thought it was funny, at the time. o_O Not sure why.

I was 13 in my first car accident, I hitched a ride from my friend’s brother to a birthday party and we were going 70kph up a hill on a narrow street with cars parked along the opposite side, and at the top of the hill a guy was reversing out from his parked spot onto our lane. Both of us didn’t see each other in time, we ended up getting t-bagged and spun around a few times into a huge ditch at the side. Miraculously none of us were seriously injured, while the car was total loss and it literally looked like scrap metal when the crane came to lift it out of the ditch.

The whole thing was scary now that I think about it, but at that time there was nothing I could’ve done to avoid it so I chalked it up to shit happening in life. So afterwards I finally got to the party and had a fun time Chokeslamming my friends and doing the Undertaker pose in some juvenile backyard wrestling.

Yeah… this doesn’t really seem like a big deal.

I’ve been in “near accidents” plenty of times. None of that phases me, in the least. Nothing happened. There’s no meaning behind it. There’s no reason to reevaluate your life.

I’ve been in situations where I probably should have died… those don’t bother me either. I’m here.

If you’re the kind of person that gets this distraught over the idea of an accident, you’re probably not gonna be able to chill, just because I said so, though… Life is great… life is important… but you can’t waste time and energy worrying about what could have gone wrong, and what could go wrong in the future. Obviously, you take the necessary precautions to ensure your survival, but outside of that, you just gotta live.

As an aside, scared drivers are the worst drivers on the road. PLEASE get over this soon.

he parry’d and then tech’d at the same time.

Was it a random patch of water, or did it rain recently?

This was my first car accident.



Best way is to talk to your friends and release the stress or a family member. Time to time as I am driving. I get a little worried on what’s going to happen next. Overall, no one is perfect and we all make mistake as we’re driving. Either we’re on a hurry, trying to be a speed-racer, trying to impress someone, etc…We’re all terrible. There are times where people doesn’t turn on their signal and as I am leaving an area and about to hit the road. They decide to get in my lane.

That accident I had…I had to e-brake and hit my breaks cause I crashed into a big truck and that truck had a 10% damage while mine had a lot. It cost me almost 7k to fix it.

Umm… I can drive.

I think the key to being a good driver, is to assume that nobody else on the road is a good driver. That way, people not signaling doesn’t bother you, because you don’t expect them to.

I don’t give any driver on the road the benefit of any doubt. I don’t ride behind people… I don’t even like driving beside people.

Still, I don’t drive like a pussy (pussies cause the most accidents). I just watch the road. It’s not hard to anticipate what people are gonna do. I’ve only been in one accident in my life, and that was my first time making a long drive. I was tired… it was raining… and an 18-wheeler ran me off the road. I spun across 3 lanes, right in front of cars, and crashed into the median. It was funny, because I checked myself… I was fine… shrugged, then moved on with my life. My mom needed therapy… I was chilling. Shit happens… you try your hardest to make sure it doesn’t happen to you… but at the end of the day, you gotta enjoy life. Fuck worrying. Biggest waste of life imaginable.

Last Summer I was driving through a green light and a drunk driver hit me right on my driver side door. Luckily I walked away without any serious injuries; However, sometimes when i’m driving through an intersection i’ll kinda freak out because i’m worried about getting hit again.

lol wow you got an infraction for this?

SRK is lulz now

That’s what my dad taught me, works for everything tbh.