I am a casual player, need a decent fighting stick under 50$ (wireless or longcord)

I have been prepping up for ssf4 (which is like the third sf game I ever bought) I don’t want to spend more than 40 bucks on a fighting stick, and I found this:


Now I heard about ‘modding’ these things, but in all truth I cannot what so ever do anything like that.

So would this be a good buy for me? I can see myself and a decent player, but not so hardcore to the point where I break it from overuse. Or do these things just suck and are a waste of money?

From what I’ve heard is that the stock parts are very bad. So you’ll probably need to replace the buttons, stick etc. Some soldering is required(?)

If you are even considering getting a fightstick you might as well just get a SE at least as it is easier to mod.

If you don’t wanna mod this later then don’t buy it… save yourself the 40 bucks and just buy a se or a hrap 3.

i have one myself and the stock parts are junk. had to replace it with sanwa parts.
had to mod the case to fit in the joystick and buttons. a lot of work if you ask me.

here’s mine:


you should only buy it if you’re modding it.

i think you’re better off with an SE.
stock SE parts are decent and replacing the parts is easier than with a mayflash.
less work. just drop-in parts.

What is an SE?

Is that the official fight stick?

yes. it’s the “Standard Edition”.


Don’t recommend this stick as a basic stick, it’s very cheap. As for the specifics, the buttons are non-microswitch and the joystick is a cheaper sanwa model from what I heard. It’s good for a pc/ps2/ps3 stick without worrying about dual modding if you have experience with soldering.

I have been looking at this one as well:


The review says it’s better than the standard white official fighting stick, and it is cheaper too. One left, I might get this one.

I wouldn’t know about the arcade fighter but for the extra 3$ you could get the se which is very easy to mod afterwards if you get serious as both seimitsu/sanwa parts do work in the se, which I’m not sure about the arcade fighter.

Yeah but if you read my OP I am not going to mod it, I have been a dpad player since I started fighting games when the sf anniversary came out, I am not a huge player like you guys are. I just need 1 arcade stick so I can get used to the feel of it when ssf4 comes out on the ps3.

… Get the SE… it will save you a world of trouble(and money) later on cuz it is easy as hell to mod. The stock parts will do you just fine… being cheap when it comes to sticks is not the way to go… I had to learn that the hard way.

Get the SE or a hrap 3… very easy to mod saves a lot of money.

Best advice. That’s exactly what I did.

Are you guys sure? because I am NOT modding this thing. I want to have good stock parts, I have never owned or know nothing about fighting sticks.

if you want good stock parts,both of those sticks fail…just save up and buy a decent stick with sanwa/seimitsu parts…
Unfortunately quality+ cheap is hard to come by on a stick

Yeah but I am broke, and I am not a crazy sf fan. So I might as well go and buy a SE. As long as it will last me for a while.


Oh crap!!! I forgot, It needs to have a long cord or It needs to be wireless. Because I have a entertainment system and the ps3 is above me tv and sort of far away from the tv.

The SE has quite a long cord. If it is still not long enough, just get a usb extention cord, easy fix.

just buy the tekken 6 bundle.

Either get a good quality stick, or don’t fucking use a stick at all. Is that so hard to understand?

go big or go home. If you cannot pony up for a te or mod an se. just do yourself a favor and not get a stick at all. If you must get one the tekken 6 stick alone is what is i would do.

You’re making it clear you don’t care all that much about Street Fighter… so why not stay on pad? There are plenty of dedicated players who are actually good at SF who play on pads. You can always buy a good stick later.

If you need to blow the $50, your best bet is the MadCatz SFIV SE stick linked above. Both it and the TE have a 4 meter (13 foot) cable which is huge. The MadCatz Fightpads for PS3 are wireless (RF dongle).