I am a Lebowskii, thou art a Lebowski




The Big Lebowski written by William Shakespeare, shit is epic.

“Wherefore was I cursd only to minister
To congregations held in deafend pits?
I must hobble my speech; of elements, sir,
A doctor of physic did once explain
That all the earth is province elemental,
Sure and steady as the stone-wall foursome
A-holding up the Knaves roof, tied together
By power that we spake on, our traffic
Unmarred by thy rough and idle chatter.
And the complexion of the element
In favours like the rug that ties the room.
O, a muse of fire the first element,
Airy breath the second; though this wind
May well be yours for all you flap your tongue,
O ill-dispersing wind of misery!
Thou hast no wings, and, liable to plunge,
You fit not fowl; yet foul your interruption,
Fished for facts, yet fish you cannot be;
So water, elemental third, youre not,
How much salt water thrown away in waste.
Of earth, no woman left on earth will have thee,
No man of middle earth will tend thy land,
So walk the plains like to a lonely dragon;
I care not.” - Walter





Best post of the year candidate for 2010?


Seriously guys, only two responses? This shit is EPIC.


I’ve already sent this to everyone I know. In all fairness, it’s Sunday morning, wait till the weekdays.


The Dude abides.




I will finish reading it later, but I read the first intro and it is pretty well done, I am impressed.


Old. This has been around for at least 400 years.

Is this thy parchment, Laurence?


Oh come on I texted your girlfriend telling her to tell you about it. You have to at least share a few feelings about it.

Edit: lol at being able to make this post.


Are these people joking? It’s not even written in iambic pentameter. Who are they trying to fool?

I would like to apologize for what I just said, and I am preparing to flagellate myself. Which isn’t as fun as it sounds.




Hey his voices aren’t half bad actually.




I don’t care that they’re in bikinis, that is awful.


A friend of mine sent me this a while ago and I think it’s a very impressive tribute to one of the finest movies ever made.

Especially like how The Dude becomes The Knave.

EDIT: also, I saw Brandon’s acting video coincidentally the other night while looking for his also-excellent Glenngary Glennross (sp?) piece.

EDIT2: little details he gets right, like when Dude takes a sip of his drink and half his next line about Bunny kinda overlaps his swallowing of the beverage, 'cos he’s understanding where Walter’s coming from, the outrage of it. “HIS WIFE owes money all over town and they come and pee on MY RUG?!”

This movie will never die.


I’m quite ashamed to say that I still haven’t seen that movie. Its high on my lsit of things to do, even more so now.


Certainly. It would be fun to put together a collection of critiques about it, as sort of a viewing companion, and I suppose the Shakespearean interpretation qualifies after a fashion.


I have two Lebowski books that are like that. There’s ‘I’m a Lebowski, You’re a Lebowski’, which I was lucky enough to pick up in the spiritual home of the movie, LA itself (managed to time my visit to coincide with the Lebowski-fest too). It has tons of interviews and trivia, and I found the most interesting stuff to be how much of it is based in actual events.

Then there’s the more ‘literary’ BFI Film Classics book on the subject. Anyway, I have a dictaphone cassette of some shit I rambled about the movie somewhere and if I find it and it’s any good I’ll post up a transcript here.


I ran across the first book, and it looked intriguing, but it also smacked of cultish obsession (which I think is distinctly different from critical appreciation). I haven’t heard of the other book, but I’ll definitely look into it.

I’ve seen a couple of very nice pieces about Barton Fink, but I am a little starved for Lebowski stuff. I was thrilled to see that Lebowski made it into Paul Schrader’s would-be film canon, and he cites it as one of the last comedies to have the chops of greatness. I thought that was a nice way of putting it.