I am a man...and not afraid to admit that I am romantic


I don’t know if I am romantice, but I am nice…

I was thinking recently of things I have done when I was in relationship. I was in a convo with someone who was wondering what kind of guy I was so I told her I would make a list of the nice things I had done. She didn’t think I am capable of doing anything nice! PSH!

This is a list of things I have done nice in all my relationships totaled:

1.) Give advice to her

2.) Told her that I love her ever time I was on the phone with her

3.) Talk to her ever day once ever morning and once ever night

4.) Randomly told her I loved her

5.) Bought her flowers

6.) Took a her out to eat

7.) Once I had to sneak a girl in my house when she was having family issues. I made sure she had food and I worked hard to make sure she was comfortable.

8.) Gave a her money to graduate so she could do her dream

9.) Wiped her tears off her face anytime she cried near me

10.) Slept with her when she couldn’t sleep alone

11.) Gave her back rubs and massages if she was sore

12.) Believed in her when no one else believe she was going to pass

13.) Believed in her abilities when she didn’t think she could

14.) Defended her against her brother

15.) Defended her against her mother

16.) Looked at the stars and shared dreams

17.) Complemented her on her looks

18.) Cuddled with her

19.) Made her a cake when she graduated

20.) Drove her from work to home on some nights or some mornings

21.) Always look in her eyes and tell her how much I appreciate her

22.) Held her hand when she was discouraged or afraid

23.) Held in my own fears so she wouldn’t be

24.) Slept in my car for her when she needed a ride to school

25.) Listen to her thoughts when she wanted to tell me something personal about her or a problem

26.) Bought her clothes

27.) Kept a smile even if sometimes I was really down

28.) Met her at the movies as much as I could

29.) Had our own little spot in the shade to meet

30.) Helped her mom out even though I didn’t like her mother ( this lady did a lot of ignorant stuff to me just so u know; rude phone calls; blaming me for her daughter not graduating; called a drug dealer or something; etc.)

31.) Got a excurses member ship with her to help her with her dream

32.) Ran out side in red neck territory to help encourage her to run

33.) Started a blog for her

34.) Started a livejornal for her

35.) Started a Facebook for her

36.) Started a myspace for her

37.) Drove to another state to see her even if it was only for a night

38.) New a she was lying to me by played along cause I loved her

39.) Let her drive one of the dream cars she liked ( mini cooper it was a work car for me at the time)

That’s all I can think about so this should at least let u see I am somewhat of a nice person when I want to be. When looking at this list I did a lot more for someone then I did for any other but I highly doubt she would realize it or care about it. Anyway this next list is a thing I happened that I really wish I could have fixed better. Issues I had but I don’t think I performed them well enough:

1.) lost a girl cause I wasn’t rich enough or good looking enough

2.) Had a problem were I look as though I was cheating on few occasions and it sucked! Just bad stroke of luck I guess but I hated that feeling.

3.) Lost a girl to a person who I thought was a friend but wasn’t that later on got me jumped and I helped her out one last night when he was beating her… sometimes I wonder about that…

Come on, are you guys ashamed to admit that you are romantic?



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Btw your girlfriend’s a man if you missed the responses to your post in the lounge. :tup:



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Please tell me you guys don’t have to deal with this ‘nice guy’ and ‘friend zone’ bullshit in the relationship thread.


I only beat my girlfriend once for messing up my sandwich.
That’s how romantic i am.


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