I am a new Urien player

…and I suck.


I find myself forgetting to charge when I do fireballs and stuff, and I can’t parry shit while maintaining a charge.

  1. You shouldn’t be fireballing that much?
  2. You should just only parry when you need to. Just block and charge.

Problem solved?

Yeah, I recently started playing Urien too and I tried to parry everything while keeping that prescious charge. I finally just forgot about it and parried only stupid things like fireballs and obvious wake-ups. And for fireballs. well… I’m wasn’t much of a charge character person until I started playing him so I had to learn that you just charge. Charge all the time, no matter what. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m getting better. Charge characters just take some getting used to.

I too have just started using Urien. I’m still learning the basics of his moveset, but being a decent Alex player, I understand about partitioning (although, I’m lead to believe by some that with Urien, it’s less important).

I just need to know some basic combos after I get my opponent launched with my cr.HP, the best I can do is a LP headbutt.

When people first start Urien, they tend to think that he NEEDS the charge. Well, first, let’s take a look at his charge moves in battle (NOT in combos…you shouldn’t be forgetting to charge IN COMBOS).

  1. Headbutt - Jab is good for wake up, but if it looks obvious, even jab version is unsafe.
  2. Tackle - Badly unsafe
  3. Knee drop - EVEN MORE unsafe

If you look at it from this standpoint, you can see that Urien’s special moves are pretty bad alone. What I’m trying to get with this is that Urien does not require charging every other second of a match. For beginners, he is a POKING character. His cr. forward is a great one, just COMPLETELY lacks comboability. His jumping rh is very good, and like all other jumpins, if you do it deep enough, it’s safe even if they parry it. If they don’t, late jumping rh puts them in a nice amount of block stun which sets up his simple mix up. His forward/back throw sets up for a simple cr. rh and f+fierce mix up too, and is one of the best throws in the game in every way, anyway. Aegis in corner mix up, blah blah. None of this requires charge. Combos come later.

Yeah, I’m an okay Alex player too. It’s not so much the charge partitioning that gets me (I can do that) but the always-have-a-charge-even-while-doing-charge-moves that messes me up.

It all depends on where on the screen you and what you what gained after the knockdown. Most basic stuff, which also is really good, is just a short/forward tackle. The headbutts are awesome if you want to groundcrossup them or just go into a guessing game with urien and so on. Something i’ve been more and more rewarded for is the following against opp. that fails to quickrise…

cr.fierce > jab headbutt > enemy knocked down > dash > jab/strong headbutt(you are now on the other side of him(depending on how big the opp. you face is) and he is just about to rise) > you now have major options… You can go inte cr.short > tackle/headbutt or whatever you feel for.

Basic shit really. Why doing the whiffed headbutt? it’s not for getting to the otherside, just to keep them in block stun or what it is called. Shoould they quickrise the headbutt must be blocked and you’ll still be pretty safe. :wow:

I’ve been working with Urien some more, and have kinda gotten his basic strategies down. The thing I don’t like about him is that he can’t create his own offense (outside of Aegis). To score big damage without a super, he has to wait it out and see if the opponent messes up. But I like him and will be sticking with him.

I recently got into Urien as well and seriously packs power even though your not good yet. Unfortunately, I suck when charging for 2nd takles, dashing head butts,finishing with a headbutt, and cross ups after an aegis. :arazz: I need something that will help me get his charge partitioning down so I can use on other chara. as well ( alex, remy,…) :confused:

only need prectice!! the more you play wiht URIEN more easy to handle whit him, just practice my friend and of course a little patience =)

I’m always whiffing the 2nd forward tackle against yun :wtf: I hate it when I really need to do it. :lame:

Hi, my name is Brett and I’m a Urien newbie. Hi Brett Anyway, I’m much too new to take advantage of Aegis setups, but I’m doing ok with Tyrant Slaughter since it can be done after a chariot tackle. I was wondering if anyone knew how to make sure not to go through with the Slaughter if the Tackle is blocked. I just can’t stop making that second QCF.

Brett… I take it you’ve already heard this a billion times before but sorry mate, i have do it… STOP PLAYING OTHER SUPERS BESIDE THE AR!!!:slight_smile:

Oh, heard it I have, dude. I’m not denying the inferiority of the TS or the TT. I practice in training room with the Reflector. Still, in any match, Slaughter nets me the most damage. Plus, in a serious match, I usually play Ken. I’m practicing, but for the time being, I just suck at AR setups.

If you don’t use AR in real matches, you’ll never learn to use it properly.
The one thing you have to keep in mind is that AR’s first use is NOT to get big damage (even if you can deal big damage with unblockables, corner combos and whiff aegis juggles), but to make Urien safer and to lockdown the opponent.
Start using tackle xx AR (PPP against parries, otherwise mix up MP and HP versions
Throw the aegis whenever you feel you have to freeze you opponent in some place
Sometimes try it use it as a shield if they’re rushing you (sometimes I use it against free damage supers like genei-jin, seiei enbu and tengu stone)
really, to learn aegis you just should try to release it all the time and test it, experiment it, be creative with it. You won’t fare good at the beginning, but experimenting is the best way to learn AR imho.

yeah ar in the corner especially = ownage
if you cant do ar setups its ok. just set off one after a mid screen tackle or one in the corner. practice unblockables!
just a small note: using ar against tengu is not worth it. oro can break it with one poke.

i know, that’s why I don’t do that always of course. Just in some instances, like he activated late so he can’t hit me meaty… I set up an aegis, and then I mash fierces and c. forwards while being covered from the aegis… at the right distances, if he tries to break the aegis he gets hit by my pokes (and AR stays there)
it’s situational, it’s not an abusable tactic of course but it saved me from being chipped to death in more than a few matches.

I’ve reccently noticed how throwing out random tackles or kneedrops messes up yer opponent. Oh yeah, and is doing his overhead a good wake-up move? it messes up my opponents wakeup moves pretty often.

Don’t throw ou random kneedrops. You’ll get killed for that. And always cancel your random tackles into aegis.
The f+HP overhead is decent on wakeup, but you shouldn’t abuse it. Fast supers can punish it on block

Yeah, I only throw out the EX kneedrop cause it’s fast and has to be parried twice. Here’s a question if you cancel a tackle into an LP Aegis and yer opponent parries the tackle with the Aegis still hit?