I am a newb at umvc3


Hi Im gonna start posting videos of some of my horrible online matches. I just wanted to show u you guys how I play so I can get feedback on why i keep losing.


If you’re playing online you’ve already lost.

in all seriousness though feel free to add me if you want to play, as long as the connection isn’t awful.


I’m pretty new too. Go ahead and add me on tag below if you play xbox.


lol srry ive been busy cant upload a video yet… i just wanted to ask: why is it so hard for me to get dedicated to fighting games? is it just me or is it because fighting games are very hard?


It’s hard for everyone. Arguably umvc3 is the easiest to get into however. The skill cap on almost all fighting games is extremely high and most of the players online are very good for this reason. The players that aren’t very good give up and leave because of the skill cap. Just keep practicing and grinding. You’ll get there.


UMvC3 offers a lot of possibilities for combos, extensions, etc. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have more fun coming up with new tricks with different teams. As far as why you keep losing, posting videos of yourself is a good idea, I’ll look forward to them. What is your team?


Yea i’ll try to post one tonight! my team in umvc3 is nova,doom,amaterasu


Excellent team, I assume you use Plasma Beam and Cold Star. Plus you got that team super with Doom/Ammy!!