I am about to lose my last remaining grandparent

will add later

Edit 1 - Brent, just getting Mom n Pop their tickets for tomorrow morning.

Edit 2 - Parents flying out tomorrow morning.

Edit 3 - Just called my Aunt. She is with “Mamita” ans says that she is sleeping. I fear she is simply doing more than that right now.

Edit 4 - Alright, Mamita seems to be doing a lot better. She is coherent, eating solid foods, aware of her surroundings. An uncle and two aunts are on their way to go be with her. Mom called me from a prepaid Honduras cell phone so if anything happens, I will know. The phone call earlier did freak me out.

Edit 5 - I spoke to Mamita today, before I said anything she did say my full first name. The tone of her voice suggested she still has enough faculty to remember me and I proceeded to just talk on the phone for six straight minutes. I did feel a little hyper-tense talking to her. I felt as if I spoke to her for the last possible time. I will be recalling what I said to her for the remainder of today. In other news, my sister is just moments away from initiating a blood transfusion as her Hemoglobin levels are lower than normal. Also, she started some new medicine last night. Some serious stuff!

Wow, Nate. I’m sorry. Let us know whats happening when you get a chance.

Sorry to hear that, Nate. I wish the best for you and your family.

That sucks. I hope they had a great life along the way. =\

Sorry to hear nate.

Sorry to hear this, hang tight.

Sucks to hear that. Stay strong Nate.

Sorry to hear it, Nate. Be strong, dude. Both you and your family.

That’s really sad! >:

Best wishes for you and your family going through all that.

Best thing you can do is be there for your fam. Stay fuerte!

My condolences.

that sucks bro. i only have 1 alive atm as well. ill send prayers to you and your fam.

Seriously guys, thank you for the goodwill.

I know exactly what you’re going through, man. Be strong.

Just saw this thread man. Be strong for yourself, and for your family dude!

Be good Nate, my best wishes go out to you and your family my friend.