I am ASS at this Game

Hey all,

Like the title suggests, I’m pretty terrible. Just started playing about a month before SFV dropped and I’ve been slowly getting better but I am still pretty awful. I’d really like to get a group of people together that I could play with regularly and learn from! I feel that I learn best when I’m actively playing longer sets in lounge than just repeatedly doing casuals. If you’d like to play add me on steam! My steam ID is Magikarpathian or just search for CallmeCarpathian on steam. Either should pull up my profile. Also, any tips and resources posted here would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!

You can inquire about looking for online buddies here…

Practice; go to your specific character forum and read up and ask questions.

Goto the grappling buds thread.

Stick to casuals and battle lounges; you’ll get better there, not as much in ranked.