I am below average at links and plinks

Lan_Di is a bad poster

Try doing just cr.lk, cr.mp until you can get those two to combo on a semi regular basis. If you want to plink the cr.mp, you hit mp then “gallop” over to any button that is a lower strength, so you can plink with either lk, or lp, whichever is easier for you.

If you go into training mode you can test out your plinking to see if you’re doing it right. Hit mp~lp and in input display it should look like this:

lp mp

What this does is it basically gives you 2 inputs of mp, one frame apart. The lp+mp input will count as a mp because it takes priority since mp is a higher strength attack.

Rose’s cr.lk -> cr.mp is a one frame link so plinking it will basically make it a 2 frame link.

Once you get cr.lk -> cr.mp to work by itself, just add in the two jabs before the combo and the soul spiral after the combo.

Practice. If you don’t like practicing, then don’t expect to get good.

He’s not patronizing you, it’s really how things are with linking/plinking. You simply have to practice a lot. There is a huge thread about plinking linked in the execution thread (check the stickies) if you want to know more.

Also, 0 frame links are by definition impossible to combo.

He might be confusing frame data.

When something has like a 6 frame start up it means it’s hitting on the 6th frame. So something that leaves you at +6 would be a 1 frame link. Not 0.