I am boycotting Mortal Kombat 9

Hello, I am new to Shoryuken.com, my name is Mr. John CarMichael. I am an avid fighting game fan, and something has disturbed me greatly. The new Mortal Kombat. MK was always a very shallow fighter that relied only on blood and gore to succeed. The new MK game coming out disgusts me. It has very shallow gameplay, horrific animation quality, hit detection is dreadful, and once more, it relies on shock value to draw in fans. After talking to a poster on here who I know(Pherai), we both felt it would be a good idea for me to start a thread for people who wish to boycott this game.

There is no point in having another 2d fighter made by a company that isn’t Capcom. Japanese companies are the only ones capable of making a solid fighting game, Americans are incapable of this. MK9 is horrible, I can just tell by watching the videos and the game’s track record so far. Also something Pherai said made a lot of sense, blood and gore have absolutely no place in fighting games, period. Hit sparks are needed for hit confirm, the way MK does things, there is no way to hit confirm. It also just looks silly and juvenile. Why would anyone want to play a fighting game full of absurd levels of extreme violence?

Please join me in boycotting this game. I refuse to play a fighting game unless it was made by Japan, they’re the only ones who can create well designed combat mechanics. Americans should stick to shooters, it’s what they are good at.

need a mod to close this thread

Did Pherai really suggest that posting this thread would be a good idea? B/c if he did, he was totally fucking with you.

I had to read OP twice before I realized he was making fun of MK haters. That’s brilliant satire.

Yeah guys, I’m surprised you missed the satire. Though even with that…a thread doesn’t need to be made burning either side.

Well he seemed really disgusted with MK9, he said he didn’t get why Americans even bother when japanese fighting games are vastly superior. he and I both agreed that sakura was a better design than any female in MK as well, I mean who wants to see women with muscle tone?

Alright, you had a good post, don’t ruin it by making your satire obvious.



KOF2002 and Chaos Breaker= Eolith= Koreans.

MK was never meant to be competitive. But SkullGirls is looking like serious business.


BTW does every game need to be competitive to justify purchase? What if I buy Soul Calibur just to have fun with the ‘create a character’ stuff?
I spent hours on SC3 making well known characters and it was fun.

I dunno man Capcom’s been off the ball lately but that’s my opinion. MK isn’t the best game but it seems your reasoning for boycotting the game is as shallow as the gameplay itself. Not calling you out, but thats how I feel.

I understand how you feel, but remember that there are people who feel the way you do and won’t buy the game, I don’t see a reason to “boycott” the game.

Somehow I can’t take this thread seriously though.


I couldn’t tell it was a joke until the part about hit confirms needing sparks.


I like this thread.

everyone who thought op was serious should’ve stopped and asked themselves “is this something pherai would really say” :rofl:

Samurai Shodown says hi.

Also, no love for Killer Instinct? British make awesome fightan games.

Whoosh again.

Use the MK forum.

Posting in an epic thread.

Killer Instinct was a terrible game. It was mindless button mashing mixed with combo breakers, which are a terrible mechanic. Breaking a combo should NEVER be allowed in a fighting game, it discourages offensive play. It’s the same reason why DOA is the worst fighting game ever made.

Confirmed troll topic. lollol.