I am completely new to fighting games. Please help


A cancel is where you input another move in succession with another move. for instance, cassie cage in MKX does the shoot down move and you can cancel into numerous things. How does this work on street fighter?

What’s a reset?


A cancel is where u cancel one move into another before it’s animation ends. For example u can do ryu’s crMK but before the animation ends u can cancel it into his fireball


what are tick throws
what are block strings
what are resets
what’s a parry


Tick Throws are when you use a normal move with a good amount of frame advantage so you can recover quick enough to throw your opponent while they are still in block stun.

Block Strings are a series of either cancels or links of normal moves and or specials that leave your foe in block stun, allow you to keep pressure on them. Basically you perform a combo while your foe is blocking. It doesn’t do damage but it pushes your foe back closer to the corner and maintains pressure.

A reset is when while performing a combo. You stop and restart it. This resets the damage scaling and allows you to do more damage than you would from doing the combo without interruption. But it’s risky because you can leave your self open to a counter attack.

A parry is a special kind of block in Street Fighter 3 specifically in which if you press forward in time with an on coming attack. You block it without taking any kind of damage, including no chip damage and you have a small window to counter attack. Look up the Diago parry if you haven’t already seen it.



I’m relatively new to fighting games as well. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what fighting game you’re playing now, but it might help to check out the SRK Glossary thread to get familiar with the jargon you’ll encounter playing fighting games.

Here’s the link to the thread: The SRK Glossary - WIP

There’s also a thread called “Newbie/Beginner’s Links” that provides beginner players with a list of helpful references.
Right here: Newbie/Beginner’s Links

Hope this helps.