I am completely new to fighting games, where do I start?


I never ever played a fighting game ever. How do I go about learning to play? I bought SFXT for PC via steam. Sadly the netcode is really bad and causes games to lag online, but sometimes they play smoothly. What can I do to improve and get better at the game?

I have tried looking around these forums but most are for SFIV. Can anyone help me get started in the fighting scene?
Also am I fine to play on PC and maybe pick up SFIV for PC too? Or should I look play on a console? I am from the UK so I’m not sure if anything is dead, PC games can take a lil while to find sometimes.


Trial mode with your fav characters learn combos … and just spaR …


Pick up Kof XIII Steam Edition


Trial mode isn’t where you learn combos for characters. They’re anything but optimal.

Visit the general discussion thread on this sub forum. Get comfortable around the community, can also ask SFxT specific questions/tips.

There’s also the http://forums.shoryuken.com/categories/newbie-saikyo-dojo forum for general questions like how to deal with certain playstyles or what not.

As for SF4/KoF/Skullgirls, you’re probably keen on how steam sales work so wait until then is the best bet.

IIRC, there’s several ways to improve the stability of play on SFxT aside from not playing 0 bar players or not playing with a terribad internet connection. I don’t play on PC so I wouldn’t know.


The obvious answer is to play the game. But I’d assume you’re looking for something more indepth than that, so here are my suggestions:

  1. Look up general tutorial videos on youtube. UltraDavid and James Chen do an awesome job with their “first attack” series at introducing new people to fighting games (particularly SF4, but the lesseons carry over to other titles).
  1. Practice more than you play for the first couple weeks… it’ll help in the long run, trust me.

  2. Understand that fighting games are a journey, not a destination. It will take a LONG time before you’re able to hold your own consistently… and even longer before you can win consistently. If this genre is something you’re genuinely interested in playing then you’ve got to have the will to stick with it loss after loss and keep coming back for more. Take a breather for a few days if you must, but never give up.

Not to sure how the PC scene is in the UK/EU, but I know that we have a good number of people on the forums that are on that side of the pond. There’s also several hanging out in the irc chat so you might want to check that place out as well. (http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/sfxt-irc-chatroom-on-efnet-come-one-come-all/151121/2)


Wow this is great! Thankyou so much for this ^^


In Practice mode it pays to set the dummy to random block to get better at hit confirms and mixup.


The most surefire way to improve quickly in a fighting game, especially if you are new to the genre is having a sparring partner, online or offline.
He can elaborate on your playstyle and give tips and pointers where needed and help you simply gain experience. If you don’t have a training buddy than simple fighting randoms will have to do though that might frustrate you more than anything. The people in the SFxT board are all very helpfull, they might offer a hand, SFxT has an online training mode also which is great for improving.


I find games on pc all the time.
Mostly against the same people though, but doesn’t matter to me as long as I can’t beat them I’m fine.

Should I ever run out of opponents that body me, I’ll move on to events.


ken blowing hugo is always a great place to go.