I am cursed

I have been working on one arcade stick off and on since the middle of the summer and I haven’t been able to get the electronics to cooperate. I have gone through 3 different controllers without any luck.

The first was a microsoft wireless controller which was working fine until I broke one of the connections. after that random buttons would not work and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it.

after that I got a knockoff microsoft controller(http://tinyurl.com/84llyan) and a chimp. I tested the controller initially and it worked fine then tested after I desoldered the pots for the sticks and triggers and it wouldn’t connect tot the xbox anymore but it worked fine on PC (even without the chimp).

The third controller was a brawlpad(with the chimp again). The whole process of soldering went pretty smoothly so I went ahead and put it into my controller box only to find 3 of the buttons don’t work.

On all three boards I checked all the connections for grounding and resoldered them just in case but I cant get any of them to work. All of the buttons that dont work aren’t grounded they somewhere in the 0.5 -1.5 v range. I feel like I am missing something because I have done this before without any problems.

Any suggestion would be appreciated****

Pics please, of a good quality.

Here is my first one (wireless microsoft). It was kind of a mess because I used such small wire.

The knockoff microsoft looking one

and the brawlpad

if you need anything better just ask

I can’t really pinpoint anything, but I think you have WAY too much exposed/stripped wire on each of the solder points.

I have not packhacked in a while, but why don’t I see any resistors neutralizing the analog sticks on both the Microsoft and knock-off controllers?
Which 3 buttons aren’t working for the Brawlpad?
On the official Microsoft controller, why is the wiring on the front SUPER neat, but the back is messy beyond recognition?

Way too much solder on the brawlpad…shorten the exposed wire and don’t use any more solder on the points…what three buttons were not working…possible contact to the ground either from wire being too long or excess solder…clean up the points…i see too much needless solder on the grounds…

there are resistors on the microsoft and knockoff ones, I just used two resistors for all of the analog stick pots (on the right section of both boards). on the microsoft one I rigged up some transistors to get the triggers to work as a button (on the left) and on the knockoff one I took off the resistors that were neutralizing the triggers.

The three buttons that arent working on the brawlpad are X Y and B

and as for the wireless controller, I wanted it to look good in the case box so I made the wiring on the front really nice and was too lazy to make the back look nice since no one would see it.

if this were happening would the voltages on the buttons be at ground or what because all of mine are around 0.5v