I am feeling insane


I just got done eating some cajun beef jerky and I’m feeling a surgence of neurosis.

Here is UponThouFairCat’s entry, he has given me permission to make the picture more prestine and holy, like a virgin wearing white robes in a synagog.

choir in the background

I am very, serious… don’t complain to me…


Sick just sick. Though that back bottom drizzle lump looks real.


Silence the Children! The Muppets are here!

Ah yes, quite the venrable effort I put forth I must say. If only the children could see me now as I wrap myself in the tea-biscuits! They seep into my pores as I beg for mercy from the North and South, yet the cactus cries for another round of boxing! I must go now in search of panties inspired by rag time! Too-da-loo!


Well said, friend. Love indeed bursts forth simultaneously from various orfices in a godly explosion of lust when discussing the wonders of your interpretation! And for your information, the orphanage across the way’s headmistress was complaining about the loss of her Chastity. Give it back, Gammon. That is not something to be treaded upon.


how could one lil girl do all that at once WHILE jumping in the air!!