I am having trouble getting this off

s.lk into sa1 … and the s.lk into the karakusa

my main problem is timing…very very bad at the timing because i am the only one of my friends who plays mak and barely anyone around my area uses her so i have no one to help me with this…if anyone has a video of the screen and the person executing it that would be awsome… thanks for the help ladies and gents

Are you talking about the KARA SAI? Just do QCF, s.lk,QCF P. You don’t need to do it fast. Just do it smooth. There’s a video floating around of the KARA SAI somewhere. It’s by Mike Z. Or, if you want, I have about 12 clips of SAII combo variations and other tricks with Makoto, most of the combos start with her doing the Kara kara. So, you can get me on AIM and I could send some to you.

If you’re just on about canceling it you do it in the same way.

qcf+lk, qcf+lp
:d: :df: :r: :lk: :d: :df: :r: :lp:

You don’t have a command for qcf+k, so you can use it to buffer the super.

ah ok i was trying s.lk qcf qcf punch…way to hard lol…what about the s.lk into the grab?

I’m not sure if you can tick the Karakusa, maybe with standing jab. Just try jabing the computer, then walk forward a little and grab them. I don’t know, you might be able to do it standing, I’ll try it shortly.

If your spacing’s right, you can whiff the standing short and use it for range on the grab by doing the above, but learning to notice you’re in the spacing will take quite a while to learn. It’s a pretty advanced technique.

this is all covered in the sticky thread.

yeah i’m having a lot of trouble doing it but other things like wiffing the kick into the chop is easy for me i don’t k now the timing to well for the grab though…and still no luck on the sa1 thing

yes i relize this but i was hoping someone could explain it more in detail than s.lk wiff into karakusa…because that doesnt say anything…can you do it slow or does it have to be suer fast?

Ok sorry, I forgot to mention one little thing. Here’s the correct way to do the kara SAI and s.lk xx SAI.

:d: :df: :r: (return to neutral*):lk: :d: :df: :r: :lp:

*The reason you need to return to neutral, is because you need to be canceling her standing short, not her toward and short. By doing it the way I posted before you are ignoring the fact that you need to cancel neutral and will most probably be doing it with toward and short instead. Sorry about that.

Yeah, the timing’s not as strict as you think when trying to kara her SAI. As long as you return to neutral properly and continue the last qcf the super will activate. You can do it as slow as you can activate the super its self, it’s quite lenient. Obviously once you get more concistant at doing it, you will be able to do it at faster levels, but it’s lenient enough to be concidered a good starter kara.

Her kara-karakusa is quite different, the timing is extremely tight. To me, it has to be almost instantanious. I still have trouble doing it on a stick, it’s pretty tough to do. If you’re not doing it, chances are you’re not doing it fast enough. Just as soon as you get that standing short out you want to be all the way round ready to press a kick button; straight away!

ah ok i was always scared to let it go to neutral because of timing issues…i’ll give them both a try…thanks for the input :wgrin:

You didnt read the sticky I see. It says you must be quick to do this. Yes its almost instant…

It takes a lot of practice, end of story.

yes i did read the sticky and it wasn’t to helpful with that part. end of story.

just do it fast/slow/whatever until you get it, and just simply hardwire to memory once you get it, and grind it out…do players just give up nowadays?

Yeah, I realised with the 100% combo, I mean, people can say whatever online but you dont really know whats going on until you try it A LOT. I got salty with Arileth on this topic, but he was right. You just have to practice, practice, practice… This isnt the matrix where you can download it or anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

ok since i got those down pretty good minus the kara grab which is hard as hell for me…whats the timing for SAII after you get them in the grab then s.hp…i can do it rarely because i dont know what the timing is to start doing the super and how fast i have to do the movements in…thanks for the help

There’s alot of threads about this already if you set the forums to look at all old threads. :tup:

ok i found some posts that helped a little bit so i’m going to practice and see how it goes

the only one that really kinda helped was hold back during the karakusa hit fp then go hcf qcf kick

lemme see if i can get that down lol

It’s hard to get down. Right now I can only do it while i’m on the right side. It’s hard for me to do 2 QCFs facing left for some reason. I end up getting a DP alot. Very annoying.

my biggest problem…or two problems rather are 1) i do the sweep chop instead of a s.fp and when i get that off and the qcfx2 + k off…it doesn’t work… or it does once every say…40 times

when i was starting, double-tapping the kick button helped… and hit kick RIGHT when you finish the 2nd quarter circle? execution stuff is hard to describe because everybody creates their own… (lacking a better word) methods. watching my hands also helped with execution, starting out. you can get rid of unnecessary movement and stuff.

bottom line: keep practicing.