I am in need of some second character help

So I don’t know if there is a thread for a question like this and part of me didn’t want to ask in the Ibuki general thread for fear that it would be forgotten (Nothing against people). So as the thread title states, I need to find a second character until the DLC characters come out (I really want to use Alisa). So my options are (With commentary):

Jin and Kazuya–I like them as characters and their damage output seems nice but I am not able to do the Special Step well.

Juri–Once again damage output is nice and I really don’t have many problems playing her but her health is a tad bit low.

Hugo–It’s Hugo, not much else needs to be said

Kuma–Something just screams that Kuma and Ibuki would be great on a team character wise, but maybe not in the team synergy category.

I know it isn’t much to go off of but I am in need of help in this. I know a chunk of the problems with the characters are stuff that I can fix on my own, but I don’t want to spread myself to thin (I am trying to find a team and then I am going to stick to it). If you have something that isn’t on there, suggest it anyways because I am up for anything really.

I use Asuka. Ibuki for meter gain and Asuka for damage. Can even TC tag ibuki in and she can do her cl.st.hk, jc.hk xx raida or ultra.

i use Hwoarang, i really like his play style and his Hunting Hawk special is really good for setting up the second character

I have played Hwoarang, but he seems really weird to me since I played a lot of Tekken 3 back in the day and I am not used to him using joystick motions. I will re try him out again to see if he clicks.

I did use Asuka the first day that I got the game, so I have some knowledge of her moves (Albeit very little knowledge). The problem I see is that the HP for the team is gonna be a little low, but nothing Gems can’t fix. I didn’t mention it with Hwoarang because I think he has decent HP. Side note, Her alternate costume is Ibuki so double Ibuki would be funny.

All in all, thanks for the insight, I will try these characters out in Training mode next time I play.

I havent seen any of the Alt costumes, but ya that would be cool. Right now I actually switched up to rolento… MUCH better pokes and footsies. Asuka is a pain to use online because of the timing, its hard to get her combos. Rolentos, you just gotta hit confirm his rekka… build meter, tag ibuki in on last rekka cl.st.hk, jc.hk.raida/super
or if you have ibuki on point
j.hp, cl.st.hk, jc.hk xx combo art — does 586 with rolento and 3 meter. Which you can build relatively fast using him and safe tag if you dont want to use the super tag in (which comes out to around 514)
I actually think I am gonna stick with ibuki/rolento. Depending on who im facing will depend on gems on which character.