I am in serious need of Abel/SF4 help

I don’t know what the deal is. Maybe I’m just not used to a character that doesn’t have footsies, or maybe its because I’m not used to the crouching jab mayhem that is SF4, but I cannot do anything right in this game. I feel like I get beaten by shoddy tactics and people that just fucking mash buttons. Sometimes I can hardly even OS tech. Shit is getting really bad and I just want to chuck my fucking joystick through the god damn window on the other side of my computer screen.

I know this is a fucking bitch out post but will someone please help me out? I need someone to help me with Abel and if you know other characters, it would be awesome if you could give me some match up help. I am just getting DESTROYED on Xbox Live. Like RELENTLESS DESTRUCTION where I win 1 round out of like a dozen matches. I play 3s on GGPO and even those guys, when I get my ass kicked… -Its just not the same type of ass kicking. The ass kicking in SF4 is just so painful and feels unfair. The ass kicking in 3rd strike=justified.

I’ve been talking to some of you guys in this forum the past few days and I’m trying the stuff you guys tell me but I think there is something seriously wrong with the way I play Abel/SF4. I say SF4 again because motherfucking mashed crouch jabs beat everything I do - its such bullshit.

Please, I could really use some help as it feels like everything I try is only making things worse.

I really know what you mean, it sucks when after playing Abel for months, if I just pick random and get Ryu/Sagat/Akuma, I do better, even though all I can do is c.mk hado.

i feel the same way, it seems if i play a good player i do much better than when i play a bad player. i played a shitty sagat the other night for a couple of hours & it was really frustrating because i just couldn’t apply my game, i could only use about 10% of my game because due to this sagat refusing to adapt the other 90% just didn’t work. for example every time i did f.mk he would just throw NO MATTER WHAT which beat my short, jab, overhead, roll & teched my throw attempt, the only thing that worked was tt. if i crossed him up he always blocked low NO MATTER WHAT so tt or overhead were gauranteed any type of mix up was just blocked, any pressure i applied was dp’d so i would block & punish only. Add to that completely random unsafe dp’s,tk’s & the guy was jumping around like a moron which was really throwing me off. I came out winning about 47% of the fights but it was just horrible because it was just a fuckin mess, no spacing, no mind games or wake up games. bottom line he gave me absolutely no space & time to go on the offensive but just tried to bully me with his better priority, when i did go on the offensive i had to put up with s.hk, low tiger, high tiger, tk & dp all really good tools at the hands of someone who doesn’t give a shit if you block & punish & win every round, i could liturally do crossup.tt the entire time & i’d never lose a round, if i entered a tournament or i played this guy online for gp it wouldn’t bother me because i’d limit my options to beat him & move on, i just hate having to limit my options & play such a shitty one dimensional game to beat someone but anything creative just didn’t seem to work. I did learn something though, although i did a lot of block & punish/throw teching i could of done more, in patches i became impatient & tried to interrupt him or i went looking for mixups & attacks that i knew wouldn’t work, next time i meet a player like that i’m going to give them absolutely NOTHING free whatsoever.

Edit : the only advice i would give you is to learn to block & tech throws & punish when you get the chance, if your op isn’t completely random & you can read them then you can go on the offensive, otherwise stick to what actually works.

Abel is harder to play online because alot of his damage comes from forcing a choice on the opponent’s part.

Offline, with no lag, the choices are varied and difficult - much like Makoto in 3S. Online, where there’s 2-3 frames of leeway, the choice is easy: cr.jab.

If your goal is purely to succeed online, I would suggest finding a character who does not rely on a 1 frame link and guessing games to deal his damage.

If you insist on playing Abel online, you need to abuse tick throws to get your TT damage since lag makes it a bit easier for you and worry less about playing mindgames with people who don’t even know what they are.

@refuse2lose, When ur having to play an opponent like that, you should just do what works. Sure you wont be able to do wat you want to do. i.e combos, setups, mindgames, etc, but the big thing is knowing how to play against certain people. I would just do the same thing to see if they adapt. If they dont, then they usually just quit after a couple of matches. But if they persist, they will be prone to change to see if they can get pass your game.

This applies to the OP’s post, jus cause you’re going to have to learn how to adapt. When you play against someone thats inexperienced, you have to treat them like they are inexperienced, and do what works, period. If mind games, setups, pressure, etc doesnt work on PLAYER A, do simple things like bait, punish, space, zone, etc. If PLAYER B is good, baiting, punishing, spacing, zoning etc, gets harder cause they know the same things, thats where mind games, setups, and pressure comes in, and thats to make someone crack, and lose their ability to do that set of elements (bait/punish/etc)…

You are basically PLAYER A. Your opponent is doing a set of moves that is working against you, and you havent given them a reason to stop. How do you break jabs? Try TT on wake ups and it’ll beat. Do that a few times and I bet they will start jumping or back dashing. If you keep mis-timing things, you’ll get beat, which will make them think that its still okay. You have to play solid, and condition your opponent. As refuse2lose also said in his post, he could have just did the same thing every match, and he thinks he would win. He didnt do it, and he only won 49%.


Too true. I’m starting to mess with Ryu and its just a much more enjoyable experience online.

Yea, you mentoin the cross ups working. Its like against idiots, you just gotta keep doing what youre doing. Use stupid strategies against stupid people. Beat him in the mind games but don’t try to do crazy shit on him because he’ll just be mashing. Pick your battles within the battle lol. People that are that garbage; I just finish the match and give em the boot.

I realize my blocking is poor. Ryu jumps in on me, its blocked and I try to put out some jabs of my own and get counter hit and all that. Still learning SF4.

Funny how you mention Makoto because thats who I use in 3rd Strike lol. Before I thought her game was bad but I think Abels is harder now. I also play Q lol. I choose the worst chars in terms of ease of playability.

I don’t HAVE to succeed to have fun, but yea, Ryu will solve that issue for me. Abel has just been causing me so much frustration as of late. And I said the same thing in response to “refuse2lose”: using high level strats against noobs (most of the time it seems like) is just a waste of time.

Thanks for the advice guys. I wont quit yet!

haha love this thread hang in there guys…patience and the training room will get you were you need to be

I’ll be honest with you. I don’t really play Abel and I honestly suck with him. Online all you need is crouching short x4 > roundhouse, crouching short > Tornado throw, roll > crouching fierce > Ultra, and of course… MASH THAT REKKA!

With these 4 simple things in mind you can maul almost every online player. You’ll probably lose to people who actually know what they are doing. Luckily, your win % will go up by about 40-50%!

Buy and now it only costs you 19.95$!

(I am by no means saying Abel is an easy character to use. Online however, this is essentially the best “flow chart” I have found)


i see it as an issue with my attitude that i need to change, i’ve just wrongly been worried about being lame & have changed what actually works for what isn’t perceived as being lame, which is as you said the wrong way to play. if it takes what is perceived as playing lame to alter my opponents playstyle then from now on so be it, like you said they’ll either adapt or get fed up & move on, thanks

I get annoyed really quick when a scrubby Sagat taunts from the far side of the screen, while chuckin endless 'shots. Yeah it seems alot of people are stuck at this same level.Having played Third Strike alot, it annoys me that knowing what my opponent is goingto do, and parrying, isnt enough to win. I reckon its only temporary though. As soon as you get confident with Abel, you’ll see your oppurtunities and punish on reaction. I have found that if you play defensive, waitin for them to come at you, youll struggle. Once you have them guessin,being really agressive, they loose composure. Ive learned not to chase bunny- hopping Kens who were landing JHK to sweep combos everytime.Abel reminds me of sean from 3S. Strangely ineffective at first, but powerful once you know your timings and zoning. Your best bet is to tailor a strategy for Noobs and scrubs( C.Mk to stuff junp ins, Ultra through Fireballs) and Blanka ( Block!) …

Sean is never powerful. The players are. GTFO! :slight_smile:

Patience. Something I need,too. Heh, but I’m pretty decent with him, just fool around with the opponent and have lots of patience.

This reminds me of that thread where the OP basically said fuck abel im maining sagat :rofl:… not saying the thread is the same but it reminds me of that thread, thats all.

@quick man - i cant say much about laggy online play or shitty online players, but besides getting the execution down and matchup knowledge, adaption skills are important too. For example, you dont go against every Ryu the same way, depends on the player(if he’s dp happy, or if he can auto correct dp on wakeup etc). If you need time to adapt, maybe go try player matches instead where you can fight the same person playing the same character for more than one match… In Championship/Ranked mode, you only get that one match to feel your opponent and adapt to his/her playstyle.

oh and you’re fairly new to Abel, cant expect to be kicking ass that quick. You always strike me as wanting everything to come quick( ah i see, hence the quick man nick lol), like youre expecting theres some shortcuts to get good with abel or something :shrugs: no offense or anything, ive taken a lot of ass kicking too (my arcades win ratio is 32+% lol), i guess if you like playing abel, you just need to be more patient and get more matchup experience etc, eventually youll get better. But if you think abel is not for you or that he has ‘no footsies’, feel free to switch. Plus sometimes taking a break and play other chars and then return back to abel can help.

As for match help, there’s the matchup threads and the thread where you can ask anything. Or are you asking like for a personal trainer or summin lol

I’m gonna have to send you an add, so you can critique my Abel :slight_smile:

LOL I have my final presentation in a few hours and instead of preparing, im posting here haha.

btw nikkowar i doubt we could get a good match (because of the distance), but sure you can add me and we can try (ive had 3 bars matches against ppl in USA, occasionally)…

…but im out for now :rofl;

Hahahahaa, uh oh! You better take care of that! Good luck!

I’ll see if I can add you, actually, my connection is god awful, but I’ve gotten a few matches with a lovely friend from Wales, so I suppose I can get some bars with Japan :smiley:

ROFM… Rolling on floor “mieta”…

Abel’s got footsies, yo; it’s just that Abel’s footsies are based around weird matchup quirks instead of around how good his buttons actually are (they aren’t). If you don’t count step kick, then you’ve still got stand strong, stand short, and low forward buffer CoD; they’re all strong situational options in different matchups and against other characters’ dominant pokes. You’ve definitely gotta training mode that shit to find out the details, though. I’m mad jealous of auto-footsie characters. Lucky bastards!

heh, alot of the stuff you guys are posting sounds very familiar :slight_smile:

It is really frustrating to play someone pretty shit online and not be able to apply your game, I’ve been there and its pretty easy to get mad after getting dp’d for the 10th time. Mind games have no place here, so just adjust to your opponent (im not sure there is much to be gained from people way below or way above your level tbh). I’ve also got to the point where I’m feeling pretty good about my game overall and some dude totally wrecks my shit with every single character :slight_smile:

Playing Abel keeps me interested, I’ve learned to slow things down and have patience, work on my footsies. Despite Abel’s high damage output, its not totally about offence - his mobility allows you to pull some tricky shit - hfz nicely baited a Ex flame Kick to land an ultra in one of his viper matches with a lk.roll on wakeup… stuff like that. So I guess stick with it, practice alot and the wins will come.