I am Japanese mvc2 playre and look for someone can go along with me


Hello, I am Japanese mvc2 playre Nagata.
I think to go to America at August.
If I go to America, I want not just entry evo2003,
but do many match and be strong.
So I am looking for mvc2 playre who can let me do a match
and can put me on your house about a week or more.
I am not good at English sorry.



Bacardi: your avatar is dope, but your post was bad =(


hey, where da fucks did my post go?:mad:


Thank you for Reply.
If no one repled, I coudn’t understand my post is bad.

I thought to decide time after.

And sorry for feel you unpleasant.
I stop going America this year.
I will study English more.



what happened to my post damn post elves stealing my posts hmph :mad: anyways nagata u have to give us some dates and what area are u going to or willing to go to east coast or west coast i say east coast but i know west coast gonna be greedy and hog all the players lol jk


nagata, i will try to ask some people if they can house you.

the guy made fun of someone else’s post which was erased. that’s why they said “bicardi, your post is bad.”


Sorry, I guesset wrong.
And I am very grad to show new replay.
But By this post, I knew what my English is bad.
And I tolk with Liquid metal well today.
Then I dicide that I don’t go this year.

Instead I will study English hard, practice MvC2 more
and look this site everyday.Then I go next year.

Sorry post without thinking.
And Thank you for read my post and replay.


nani?!?! No good! You should come this year :frowning:

It is ok if you’re english is no good, Nuki speak ZERO english and he have fun.

I will talk to Ekitai to find out more information.

Derek Daniels


I am very grad to see your post.

I heard fun of going to America from Liquid metal.
But I heard it is very hard and difficult too.
And I knew nothing about Los Angeles.
Then I thought again and dcided to go next year.

And I am sorry that I don’t wrote data from my plan.
I had been thought if I go, I will reach
Los Angeles International Airport about 08-05.
(I did’t get tickets yet)

Maybe, by next year, I can be No.1MvC2 playre in japan.
And my English will be little good.
So I think it is not bad to go next year.

And thank you to anxious with me.


I haven’t heard alot about the Japanese in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 are more people playing it in Japan; are Mitsu and Nun still the best. What team do you use and how do you compare with mitsu and nun.


NO COME TO the us its fun man! =) how many mvc2 player u guys got? who do you use now? is ironman still good in japan?


I use Cable,Sentinel ,Captain Commando .
Ironman is not so good in Japan now.
And I won Mitsu and nun in last tournament.
Mitsu is little stronger than I.
nun and I are about even.


Wow is liquid metal still good?


I think he is best. But someone say mitsu is best.


Who does mitsu use


who’s Mitsu? White???


is White still around?


Mitsu still use Ironman,Storm and Cable.
White use many character.
I don’t know he think who is strong.
But I think his strongest team is Magneto,Storm and Cyclops.


What about Fantom what team does he use and how does he compare with the best Mvc 2 players in japan. Also is sakura used alot in tournament play.


What hapend to ROM? Also, what would be the most played teams in Japan? And do you guys have a different tier-list from the US?