I am Looking for SNES Game Recommendations


I Recently got myself a SNES from eBay, which I fixed up and it is now working.
Old voltage jack was replaced, system cleaned and modded to accept Japanese region game carts.

I have the current games.

Super Mario World
Killer Instinct
Final Fight
Street Fighter II Turbo (Japanese version)
Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
Daruis Twin
Star Fox
What I have being shipped and not arrived yet.

Super Metroid
Mario Kart
Breath of Fire

For the old SNES I prefer RPGs and Arcade titles obviously.
As For Final Fantasy IV, V, VI and ChronoTrigger I own the PSX ports of the game, so having the SNES game is redundant.

What titles you would recommend?


front mission, seiken densutsu 2, contra 3, tales of phantasia, hagane, cybernator…, cant remember most though, dd beat n up, tmnt tit.


Addams Family Values
Kendo Rage
Tetris Attack
UN Squadron


Mario RPG


Illusion of Gaia was pretty fun and the soundtrack was amazing [in my opinion]. What a great soundtrack.


DKC and TMNT: TiT (lolz) are must-haves.


Wow, is it that time already?


actraiser was fun as well imo, been soo damn long.


Yoshi’s Island.


Turtle Tits? :looney:

  • TMNT: Tournament Fighters
  • Super Castlevania IV
  • Uniracers
  • Indiana Jones Trilogy
  • Super Turrican


chrono trigger

seriously just google “top 100 snes”

here i did it for you


Super Battletoads
Lufia 2
Gradius 3
Spider Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage


that X-Men game




Super Ghouls and Ghosts
Road Runner : Death Vally Rally
Tiny Toons : Buster Busts Loose


The legend of the mystical ninja !

I just remembered how this game made me feel when I was young, a very unique feeling. interesting…

oh yeah and guys download Tazmania, I think a lot of people missed this gem, the original crash bandicoot




lufia 2 was already mentioned but the game is really awesome. Also maximum carnage is the shit


I’m sad no one mentioned Smash TV yet.

Disney’s Aladdin was also pretty fun for a platformer.


Seiken Densetsu 3 and Terranigma,