I am looking for sparring partners for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

I am new to the SSF4 series and I have been coming onto Shoryuken.com alot to figure out how to play the game. After 2 weeks of learning about spacing, how to defend crossups, wake up attacks, FADC and so on I want to see how I fair against actual people instead of beating the computer. I am looking to test out my knowledge and skills against you the player. I also want any input to see what I am doing wrong or if there are any improvements that I need to work on. So if you are interested in playing me and also want to give me tips on how to use my character please respond to thread or hit me up on the Playstation Network. My psn name is My_Last_Fantasy and the character I am using is Gouken.

This section is for gameplay questions, not matchmaking. Try the stickies in the online section:


Or better yet, find people locally: