I am looking for this 3rd Strike poster, please find it and sell it to me


let me know as I will pay with paypal and I live in Europe

No makoto?

that looks user made.

I agree. I’ve never gotten a poster in the mail or at a store that was anywhere near the condition that one is in.

It was sold from this guy on the shmups forums:


He prints all of these posters himself so he may be able to print you another copy if you ask him.

wow, this guy should get hit up with some copyright. i’m not feeling his steeze at all, i can’t give him credit for making prints like that. it makes me feel weary about my original framed street jam poster

I agree, I can’t understand paying for a copy, but to each his own.

I thought it was original, I dont want no copy

If it was original it would have had Makato in it. But obviously dude is a hack.