I am making the switch from ken to Dudley? Does any tips about Dudley shoto matchups

I am making the switch from ken to Dudley? Does any tips about Dudley shoto matchups?

What moves are safe and what moves aren’t safe. Iv’e seen most of the Fujiwara Videos and that guy has the best execution I’ve seen on a Dudley.

Iv’e been using Ken for a while and want to make a character switch so that I can become more versitile in using both characters.

Plus the Fuji playing style is awesome. Just want to pick up on certain things here and there.

I play Dudley moderately, and would just like to put my 2 cents in on some tactics

Some good things to know (if you didn’t already)

Far-blocked shoto sweeps can be efficiently countered by his command dash canceled into Corkscrew Blow, or any SA whichever you prefer

Good ways to counter jump ins from characters are his standing Hard Kick, cancel into his command dash, effective going underneath the character, though it’s not full proof it helps, followup after the command dash with anything in accord with the opponent (i.e Super, or whatever)

A good cross-over counter to keep in mind when playing against Ken is his backswing blow. I’ve seen a good amount of Ken’s do a cross up with Jumping MK, and either throw or low attack only to eat the receiving end of Dudley’s fist (cancel into super of course). Haven’t tested yet, but Medium Kick version might be best, since it could still hit Ken if he decides to backdash after his crossover.

Dudley’s Forward Medium Kick is excellent for pressure, and is a valuable move. If you’re fast enough, you can hit confirm with it while pressuring a cornered opponent (as seen by Kokujin, I 've done it myself a good amount of times it’s not hard, just buffer the motions and prepare for the hit, the stun time is surprisingly good) or if they block the first F+ MK, go for the overhead, and into the super

Dudley’s Hard Kick into his command dash is excellent, but the problem is most Dudley users constantly use his Hard Kick command dash, and thus eat a throw, which begins to become predictable (this should be used sparingly, or unless you have a plan, more on this in a bit.) A good idea sometimes can be to use his Hard Kick, then Medium Kick dash, then his Hard Kick sweep, OR another Hard Kick after that, since some opponents like to grab on reaction as soon as they see Dudley dash in like that, use common sense and gauge your opponents reactions. That being said, the Hard Kick command dash is useful if you were to say, cancel into his backswing below afterwards, and fake out a opponent into grabbing.

When fighting an unknown opponent, use Dudley’s low chains, including his crouching lk > mk, this is a very fast combo, and if parried can stuff alot of counters people have planned. This will help gauge if your opponent is parry happy or not, once you find out this information, go accordingly.

On a downed opponent Dudley can be upright mean, some tactics include the following

Of course using his taunt (that goes without saying) and with the appropriate followup.

Dudley’s UOH can be great for confusing a opponent waking up the possibilities include:

UOH > crouching 2x lk, Corkscrew blow

UOH> Backswing blow, Corkscrew blow

UOH> Overhead, corkscrew blow

UOH> Standing Hard Kick > EX Machine Gun Blow > (any Dudley corner combo)

If you’re fast, any of Dudley’s Super moves can hit a shoto from a close crouching mk (I’m fairly positive, but might wanna experiment, has to be reversal timing)

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