I am new to psn and need to know this


I did try to search and really could come up with nothing, I guess it is a really weird question so here goes.

I only play one game online SFxT and all I know is this games online, with that said, is there any way to confirm or deny that the connection you see as your own is in fact your true connection… I will say it another way… When you are on the players connection screen, choosing if you want to fight this person based on connection and name, does it show YOUR connection as the true connection.

I know it shows theirs as actual, as I have seen connections go from yellow to red and white to yellow and the such, but my connection always shows as white and I did not know if that was a default or if that is my actual connection.

I have a pretty decent connection for my games so I am led to believe that the white connection is true and not just a default, but if I need to port forward or do anything to help ensure a white connection then so be it.

For the record, 25mbs dl and 4-6 mbs up, my PS3 only uses like 8dl and 1up at any given moment it seems, but again I would be led to beleiev that an 8down and 1up is indeed a white connection always right…

Thanks for any and all help


it will always show your connection as green bars, for sf4 atleast. Best way to see if its you thats lagging is get a friend and play him in a match, if his bar is in the reds, but he claims its not him, than its most likely you. Another way to check is to join a full lobby. If everyone is red but you, than you are lagging. This applies to some other games as well where it always shows your ping as low, but it may spike other people’s.