I am New to SS4AE Need Help


I had this game for about a month and i cant seem to get any of the basic combos down. I really like Cody and Akuma but i also wanna play with Evil Ryu. The problem that i have is i can do the basic Akuma combo the standing fierce into tatsu into uppercut. That’s all i can do with him but if is someone said can you do 2crouching LPs Into a MP into a tatsu i wouldn’t be able to do it to save my life. Or even to 2crouching LPs into an uppercut i cannot do.

I wanna know is their like a special way to do these combos? I know you gotta time them but i can never do them consistently. I even tried after the tatsu to try and sweep but it never works lol no matter how many videos of Tokido i watch or any other Akuma player i can never do it. I just need help kearning the basics cause its becoming frustrating lol and also i use to regular Xbox controller.


Truth be told…I can’t actually do that combo. :sad:


Really? After watching so many vids of Tokido before i actually bought the game when i finally got it that was the forst combo i tried to do haha and it only took me a few tries to i guess master it. But i suck doing all the other combos that really matter :frowning:


Doing two jabs into a medium punch into tatsu, or two jabs into a dragon punch, is fairly difficult for new players. That’s because it involves linking the moves together with good timing, and not trying to press the buttons as fast as possible. Start off by attempting to do the combos slowly, and if you’re dropping it, then increase the timing by a millisecond, until you’re in the ballpark for when you’re supposed to input the jabs, DP motions, or MP.

2 jabs into MP is a link, whereas doing the MP into a tatsu feels a lot easier, because it’s a cancel. Know the difference between a link and a cancel, and what makes one more difficult than the other.

As for Tokido’s tatsu into sweep, he’s spacing it and timing it perfectly so that it will connect. It will not connect if you do it too close, or you time the sweep incorrectly.


Honestly if I was you I would stick 2 the basic stuff right now. lp lp mp tatsu is a link and like El said it can be very difficult even 4 people who have had the game for a while. Learn the fundamentals of the game first.

mix ups, gd pokes, match ups these r the things u should learn first

So many people when they first get SF think the game is all about doing combos when infact they couldnt be more wrong


OK Thanks. Yeah i need to learn the basic fundamentals and once i do that ill go from there…It’s nice to know even people that had the game long also have a difficult time timing combos


Honestly dude, it just takes practice. Constant practice. Try the combo over and over again in the training room. Slow down or speed up and see if you get closer to nailing it. Once you have the general idea, try to get it as consistent as possible by testing how many times you can do it without screwing up 10 out of 10 times. if you screw up, you start over until you get 10 out of 10 perfect combos.

Trust me, when I first started out, I practice Cr. lp, Cr. lp, cr. fierce, hk. Tatsumaki with Ryu in the training for a good three hours until it got into my neural memory. Now I can do other combos and I can do basic links with other characters pretty nicely. It’s just about consistently.


Not that I can play this game at all but, as others have said, combos are nice for maximising damage but for nearly all the time you’re playing you won’t be using them.

In a match between a Player 1 who knows every fancy combo for a character but nothing else, and a Player 2 who knows spacing, footsies, match-ups, and mind games but no combos at all… I’d put my money on Player 2 every time.

It’s practice. Practice and dedication are what you need to be good at this game. I know this to be true as I have neither! :slight_smile:


those are easy just keep practising bro


Using an Xbox controller was extremely difficult for me when I played vanilla SF4. You might want to try the analog to see if that feels better to you (I believe Fanataq uses the analog when he plays as an example, though there are people that use the 360 dpad successfully).

For the st.HP xx LK Tatsu, make sure you are using close.st.HP (looks like a quick punch to the gut compared to full extension of arm for far standing HP). Cancelling quick HP’s like the close.st.HP into a move that requires a down portion to start is difficult for most beginners as it’s tight timing and you usually end up hitting down, resulting in cr.HP, which is not as fast startup and might allow them to block the punish. However, you might find it easier to do cr.HP due to starting at down position and longer cancel window. Make sure you do not watch the animation of the HP to see if it hit. You hit HP and are already rolling down to down back to back and LK. You can double tap the LK button as well in case you hit the LK too early (ex. down, down-back, LK, back wont result in tatsu since it has to be down, down-back, back, LK, double tapping LK can result in somethign that looks like down, down-back, LK, back, LK and that will give you the tatsu).

HP is for punishes. You cant usually hit confirm them to cancel into moves. You just do it and the special move as fast as possible. An even easier way to cancel is to do cr.MP or cr.MK since they have longer active frames to cancel into moves than the shorter HP cancel window. Try doing cr.MP xx LK Tatsu and you should have an easier time starting out. You can do cr.MK xx Fireball as another easy poke. Again, you just sort of hold down, hit MP or MK and roll to back or forward position and tap the appropriate button in a relatively fast motion. Dont wait and look at the character animating the punch to see if it hit.

For the LK Tatsu into cr.HK link for Akuma, that is character specific. For example, it will work when Akuma uses it vs Gouken, but it will whiff vs Ryu. It’s a tough link for beginners and if you ever hit the LK Tatsu combo, I’d go for raw damage of the HP SRK to finish it, which you can technically just mash out during the Tatsu and it should connect.

For something like cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx Fireball, that is something that just requires practice and timing. Work on just cancelling MP into fireballs since you are having difficulties with things of that nature. Then you can start working on linking LP to MP. Its really all about rhythm. A metronome helps some people get the timing. Others look at the stamina bars and a spark will shoot along it indicating when you can link a move/the timing (not 100% accurate, but ballpark indicator), others watch either their character or the opponent’s animation recovery’s from the first attack looking for the visual cue to hit the next button. Then there are sometimes grunts or other audio cues that tell you when to hit a link. It all comes down to practice though. The timing for the cr.LP-LP, cr.MP combo is actually fairly simple though. It’s easier on stick for me since it’s roughly the time it takes to lift my finger up and push down immediately again to hit the second LP and almost the same timing to hit the cr.MP for Akuma. Practice cr.LP-cr.LP first. Dont mash LP 15 times trying to get 2 LP to connect. Do 2 distinct button pushes and work on the timing. Next do cr.LP, cr.MP until you figure out the timing for connecting one LP to the MP. Now use the timing to do all 3.