I am not as comfortable using C. Viper from the left side of the screen

When on the right side of the screen, my FFF comes out at least 90% of the time. My instant BKS come out quite well also; mixups seismo spam and all the stuff is so easy on the right side of the screen.

  • I use a stick, HoriFightstick3, I know it’s shit x)*

However… if I’m on the left side of the screen, I just can’t seem to do much of anything.

My TK and basic stuff I can do, but my FFF fails almost 80% of the time.

I also have trouble doing SRK motions (no seismo chains ;/ ) and I don’t feel comfortable doing the same mixups I can do from the left side.

I often find myself jumping for no reason just so I can get to the other side of the screen.

Is it the way I hold my stick? I hold it with the stick between my middle finger and ring finger pointing upwards.

Is it because the stick is too light? I haven’t tried too much at the arcades but I remember seems a bit easier there…

Same here, except it’s the opposite. I can’t do squat on the p2 side. I actually have trouble doing the input for ultra. On the other side though, i can get fff down alright, do some pretty nice resets, instant bk and seismo chains and sjc fadc pretty consistently. I play on 360 pad though(yeah it sucks…). Anyways, i guess everybody has one side where they feel more comfortable doing stuff.

If you’re having trouble doing combos on one side of the screen you just need to practice more on that side. Whenever you go into training mode focus on getting your moves down on the 1p side, if you notice stuff isn’t coming out check your input display. There’s more than likely nothing wrong with your arcade stick or your grip. You just have to develop muscle memory on both sides.

I had the same problem, it was just lack of practic on that side of the screen for me because i was alwasys playing my brother as P2.

i had this issue as well. but after a lot of training mode to develop the muscle memory needed, it’s fine now. also look into adjusting your grip so you can have full range of motion. i found that it helped.

I have trouble on left side too. EX Seismo hjc to Ultra from left side and hjc ultra are impossible for me. Gotta hit training mode.

Just out of curiosity, how DO you guys hold your stick?

I have been trying different grips myself to see which one gives a better range on motion, I used to use my stick between my ring and pinky finger. But now am trying to use it between my ring and middle. Anyone have a suggested stick hold for Viper giving that full range of motion?

I don’t use Viper on stick, but you could try the winecup position maybe? Wish I could help more, sorry…

I also have trouble executing stuff on the other side(2P) sometimes. I usually either grind it out in training mode, or find a different method of executing it on that side.

any grip should be fine, but i have my pointer and thumb on the ball, with my middle finger on the underside of the ball. wine glass is good too, but its all muscle memory.

Ahahah how nostalgic, since I started this topic, I have gotten a few 20+ win streaks in my local arcade and have no problems on the left side. ;p Guess it was just not enough practice.