I am not getting credited for every match


This has been going on for a week. Today I had it happen twice and then some tool rage quit on me (yeah, that penalty is deterring the quitters) that’s about 150 points I didn’t get. Capcom is silent about this. It doesn’t seem like it’s worth playing ranked any longer


Check your match history and check to see if your LP went up from match to match. You probably got your points, even if it looks like you didn’t.


It just happened again. A couple weeks ago I was at 3998, so you can imagine with that big of a drop every win needs to count for me right now. Look at the necalli I played! He got docked but I got squat! I see nothing on the interwebs about this, tweeted capcom and street fighter and no response


Sorry image didn’t load http://s202.photobucket.com/user/zlyrikal/media/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_0286.jpg.html


Update they eventually gave them to me, well one of the matches at least. I guess the key is not to play the next match until it registers. No more run backs for me


or, you know, stop caring about points and focus on getting better


Or you know, either help or keep it moving instead of being some dick head with a keyboard