"I am not sated-" Evil Ryu Video Thread

all vids here guys

Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t all videos containing Evil Ryu been officially yanked? Whether or not you can find them and whether or not we have the ability to view them, Capcom may not be happy with Shoryu linking to them.

so the vids are to be forever banned, even when the chars officially come out???

I think this guy did this for the future, jeez

Only a handful of videos were removed from youtube, and if you’re worried about your youtube account, it’s not like you can’t just upload them somewhere else.

Anyway, [media=youtube]2rQEOZE911M[/media] is one of the best videos I’ve seen showcasing e. ryu so far.

Hsien Chang playing as Evil Ryu


Evil Ryu FTW!

A Japanese Evil Ryu player with pretty good execution.


Damn, good shit.

Fuck. Half life combo on ibuki with no meter or ultra! That’s around 450 damage.

Evil Ryu looks awesome. I think I’m gonna main him in AE.


full ultra 1 animation.

point blank, non juggle only. not fully charged.

i guess it’s only good for focus attack level 3


Two new vids from Kim and Air.

Here’s the final part: [media=youtube]M8H-Y6NjY8M&feature=feedu[/media]

And a bonus:


It looks like Shin Evil Ryu has a [media=youtube]xupo9DdXZjk&t=1m11s"[/media]. Either that, or he can cancel his teleport.

Or it’s just a very short teleport?

EDIT: Oh, it’s the boss version of the character. Then yeah, he can probably cancel his teleport.

The boss version is just more powerful. Capcom did say that the boss version would be different. Too bad the playable version doesn’t have that ability.

On that topic, can he cancel out of teleport with ultra like akuma can?

Has someone confirmed that the normal Evil Ryu can’t cancel his teleport like Sin Evil Ryu can?..or has anyone even tried?

Hey everyone, I just recently started a YouTube channel that will have footage of Mr.Nap’s Evil Ryu. One video up so far, stay tuned.