"I am not sated-" Evil Ryu Video Thread



It’s not shit, it beats Rose’s s.mk and s.hk, which cr.mk can’t do. You can also throw tech trap with it if you don’t have meter to convert off cr.mk or s.mp.


I call bullshit that it beats Rose’s buttons clean but who cares. It’s punishable on whiff on reaction. That’s also a pretty shit frame trap with what? a -5 or 6 gap.


It’s not a frame trap for mashing, it’s a throw trap. People don’t mash tech, they delay tech.

I never said it would cleanly beat Rose’s s.mk, but rather that it can work, if timed properly. It’s better than just hitting cr.mk and losing, and cr.mp is useful but not at the same ranges as far hp. Far hk whiffs on crouchers, making it harder to use.


Far hp has a bad hurtbox, and can be whiff punished, but it has good range.


Far hp isn’t great, but it isn’t shit, either. There’s certain pokes in the game that far hp is your best footsies option, hands down. Other than that, it’s good for block strings. Tons of people end block strings with c.mk xx fireball. That’s not that good. It gives you chip, but fireball is -6 on block. Depending on ranges, a ton of characters can punish it, and ryu(i think) and chun li(i’m sure) can punish it with super from any range. In these situations, c.lp, c.lp, c.lp, s.hp is a better block string. It pushes them a little further away than fireball, but it’s not punishable at all. It’s +/- 0 on block. You can actually do something after it’s blocked…unlike fireball where you can just dp or block.

Every tool you have isn’t going to be great and powerful, but every tool you have, you have it for a reason. Best to figure it out. It’s there for something. Except normal Ryu’s s.mk…no idea wtf that is for. :slight_smile:


^ Evil Ryu’s standing mk is amazing. Watch Nagao09 play and you will very quickly understand what its for. In particular, his match vs Ryu.
[SIZE=4]sekiganryu (ryu) vs nagao (evil ryu)[/SIZE]


You can use it to dodge low pokes, like people does with s.lk. The s.mk is easier to use when you are antecipating the poke plus it can to hit the poke, it seens to keep Ryu’s foot on the air longer than the s.lk. The s.lk is better overall if you are able to react to the poke, because your punishment will be better, and reaction is always better than prediction.


This board gives me so much facepalm. This is why I never post on this board.


COOL POST! So useful! I bet you’re the best Evil Ryu ever!


Hey guys, this is my evil ryu. I’ve been playing him now for maybe a month after playing ryu and re-picking up this game. My ryu is solid and I’m not at almost 3k player points. I mostly stick to basic gameplans and strategies with mixups. Some of these arent too fancy and even some scenarios where i dont use the most damaging combo but you can’t always during the match. Anywho, let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:



If you do cr.lk cr.lp, hit-confirm into link hp SRK instead of cr.mp. You can’t do anything besides hado FADC stuff if you get to cr.mp and they’re crouching.

The double SRK in the corner actually does less damage than just hp SRK.

You should use his kara throw, far hp.

You could get a lot more damage out of your combos if you FADC’d your mk axe kicks into cr.mp cl.hp instead of doing mk axe kick, cr.mp xx hado FADC.


Depends how many attacks are in the combo. Like the one he did to Rose…2 dps did more damage than one would have. 2 dps also always builds more meter.

edit: Actually watched the rest. You should be doing one dp or reseting more often. Just use the 2 dps after long drawn out combos or to build meter.


Thanks for the advice guys. Like i said, this is sort of the initial ranked matches I’ve been playing as I really only picked up E.Ryu maybe a month ago? So I can execute pretty well but I need to get into the more advanced situation resets and damaging combos. Those were really just the basic combos that I took and ran with using my knowledge of Ryu and watching a few pro players :D.


Nice stuff, man. Got pretty trippy in a couple parts, hah. Honestly, I’d have liked to see full matches, mainly because I’m new to Evil Ryu and I like to see how people manage space with this character and get in on the opponent.


Sure, I will post some of the videos those came from shortly. All of those games are wins so I will post a couple and send em over :slight_smile: Spacing is definitely important.


Hi guys, I’m still kinda new in using e.ryu and i thought of sharing one of my xbl matches :slight_smile:





I know nobody bothers to comment but i think some1 out here enjoys My posts ! :slight_smile: http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=SP75r9asffQ


I happen to be one…nice E.Ryu


Sako is using E.Ryu in most matches here and kumite. Enjoy!


Sako ,Nauro,and K.O.K are like the only hardcore E.Ryu players i known that go in with this char