"I am not sated-" Evil Ryu Video Thread




Yo man I saw you at Final Round. You did really well against PR. I was surprised when I saw your name and that you decided to stick with E.Ryu


Some more Sako using Ibuki and Evil Ryu here. Saw some funny fadc combos




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anyone knows how I can see recorded footage from niconico? I registered in the site but I have no idea on how to use it, and I wanna see Sako’s set against Pongko.


honestly, people who don’t get to see sako’s evil ryu are missing out on so much! it was fucking more inspiring than my grandmother beating cancer. everyone was sure that he made the wrong move in picking eryu against poongko and xian(especially xian, who’s been dubbed the shoto killer). seriously, I’m thinking about videoing it and sending private links to people who’re interested, its THAT important i believe.


Send me that link please.

Though i think his pick against poongko was pretty obvious. ibuki doesn’t have a reliable reversal and i lost count of how many times poongko had a massive lead, got hit once and died.


I would love to see those matches :)~~~~


Link me.
Honestly E.Ryu is a fair counter pick against Seth. Seth has no footsies because of his walk speed so he has to jump and dash everywhere. E.Ryu has a few character specific combos against him and an unblockable iirc. Now against Xian´s Gen…well Naruo couldn´t beat Amiyus Gen at SS so I would have used Ibuki personally.


Sako vs poongko: http://ja.twitch.tv/ebinsugewa/b/399290717


Thanks! Seems like Sako’s execution is better online :stuck_out_tongue: He was going for that 5x axe kick fadc combo for a couple of times like he did in that online set, but I believe he didn’t get it once now.


Sako vs Xiaohai was also pretty amazing. I always thought this match was even because Cammy is one of the few characters that Evil Ryu could tatsu > sweep and he showed what Evil Ryu could do off that sweep. Several times in the game Sako would hit confirm into 350+ damage by finishing off with a sweep to only get another 300+ damage from ambiguous jump in or a fake cross up in the corner. He was also landing cross up j. HK but I don’t know if that’s a regular cross, fake cross up, or unblockable because Evil Ryu does have a unblockable against Cammy. It makes me hope more and more that Evil Ryu gets a 6f sweep now.

But I agree with laxlight, Sako’s performance with Evil Ryu is so inspiring. It’s so great to see him played at such a high level, at the same time it makes me feel shitty because I will never be able to play this character anywhere close to that level. I really hope he comes to EVO and reps Evil Ryu. BTW, this IMO shut up a lot of haters about Sako. Many people have said that he can’t play footsies, that’s why he always plays mix up characters like Ibuki and Cammy(in the past he used Akuma and Viper). But his Evil Ryu is pure footsies and that’s what he’s winning with. The only time he had mix ups was when he played Xiaohai’s Cammy which I’ve already explained.


sako beat fuudo with evil ryu! LMAO!!! greatest street fighter player of all time!!!


Must have been really hype, hope he can win his last match against daigo too.


All I see is a screen with the logos, no video at all. Someone commented in the new at the front page that theres a way to watch recorded footege in there. Does anyone knows how?


lol what a blowup. sako beat everyone. and the best part was, none of the sets were even close. got 6 wins in a row against daigo to close it out 7-3. what a player, im jealous.


did you pay to watch the stream?