"I am not sated-" Evil Ryu Video Thread



oh i see


Sako (Evil Ryu) vs XiaoHai (cammy)


Sako (Evil Ryu) vs Xian (Gen)


XiaoHai is horrible at blocking E.R.'s midscreen ambiguos jumps, my friends block those better than him :stuck_out_tongue:


just started using e.ryu and i’m really having a hard time fighting guile and i hope you can critique my match video right here:

any comments and suggestions will be appreciated :]


Does you friend play Cammy or one of the other 4 characters Evil Ryu can tatsu sweep? After tatsu sweep a slight step forward will make him cross up, but just a smidge less means he won’t. The sweep knockdown gives you much less time to get up compared to a throw or any of the axe kick knockdowns so their is less time to see how far Evil Ryu is spacing himself and it can be quite difficult to tell which side he will be on.

When Cammy’s do block against me I’ve landed this against them at a pretty decent percentage(about 50% I’d say). Although a lot of them do try to use cannon spike to get away. But they do block more than the other 4 in my experience. Sim players will always try to slide or teleport away. Rose players will always use EX spiral or soul throw to try and escape. Balrog players will always spend meter on EX dash something to escape. And of course DJ players will always use upkicks because it auto corrects so well. But this is the world of online play where nobody blocks(including me lol). Fortunately Evil Ryu does have some pretty decent options off a sweep if his opponent refuses to sit still.

But anyways, a 6f sweep would be a great buff for Evil Ryu. And I think Sako showed how much it can help Evil Ryu if he gets that buff.


This is the most hilarious post I have ever seen.


Well, I am not an E. Ryu player, but Xiaohai tweeted it was an unblockable:


Sako (Evil Ryu) vs Fuudo (Fei)


Yes I have 2 friends taht plays cammy and both are blocking my ambiguous jumps after the lk tatsu, sweep more consistently than Xiao. I will try to record some footage of that, because you guys cant know if they are blocking properly or if Im just doing it in a very predictable way. Another thing Cammy can do but its a kind of last resource, is to HK dp when its not a safe jump. The best E.R. will be able to do is c.MK into LK AK fadc or c.mk xx HK tatsu.


My main concern is about the jumpins after the sweep. We know that anything in this game can become an unblockable, but most of sako’s jumpins there were ambiguous ones, not unblockables. Xiao was just not familiar with the AT ALL.


Well after further inspection, that ambiguous jump in that Sako was doing against Cammy after a sweep is a unblockable afterall. Someone made a comedic video showing off a couple of Evil Ryu’s unblockables against Cammy.

I tested the one after sweep myself and it’s definitely real. But the thing is, it’s actually easy to block. I don’t think it’s a 1 frame block. It’s probably more lenient as a I can block this consistently but I can’t block any of the other ones at all. I just waited til Evil Ryu got very low to the ground and blocked it like he’s coming in front of me. Blocking correctly will make Evil Ryu land in front of you and I think it’s the only way to block it. Although it may not be that hard to block, you still have to know or react to what’s coming or the Evil Ryu can just land cross ups all day. Still, this is a very interesting find.

Sako didn’t even use the unblockable after a juggled HK axe kick which only works midscreen. But why bother I guess when you get free unblockables with sweep without having to blow more meter. Funny how getting swept in the corner and having to deal with fake cross ups puts Cammy in a much better position then the mid screen unblockables she has to deal with.


Do you think sako back-plinks jabs?


Great kok action here.


Spoilers: he ends Aiai’s killing spree.


I feel so dumb. I use BOTH those setups against Cammy…but never with j.mk. Walk forward after tatsu -> sweep stuffs cannon spike half the time. And the setup after throw is ambiguous as hell and pretty safe with j.lk and it’s a fake crossup with j.hk. Why didn’t I try mk? :frowning: Probably cuz I don’t test setups in training mode…just try them all on new characters in matches and see what they do.


he does


Yes so basically the link after the MK Axe kick becomes 3 frames which means he wont drop it.


hori fighting edge(the signature stick made under his supervision) allows you to change one of the face buttons into the select button on the fly without rewiring. In one of the training drill videos you can easily figure he blinks almost everything.


1- Sako does not plink 2f Links. He double taps.
2- Sako does not plink 1fl Jabs. He double taps. Watch him play Ibuki (there are archived streams of him playing with camera pointed at his hands; you’ll see him double tapping).
3- Sako played BBhood. He double tapped her jabs for the dash loop. He’s used to double tapping jabs for as long as I can remember.
4- Ask PRbalrog if he ever back-linked a cr.jab after a cr.short.

Stop giving me aneurysms. Every single time someone mentions “back links” I bleed in my head.

PS: Who the fuck plinks a 2frame link and for what purpose? He simply plinks/pianos MP~LP. He either gets MP which is a 1fl after MK axe, or he gets LP which is a 2fl in case it comes out as a piano instead of plink.


I was practicing the unblockable against Cammy again. It took me a while, but when I finally landed it, I got a different version then the first one I mentioned. The first one was fairly easy to block, just wait till Evil Ryu is really low to the ground. It felt more like 2-3 frame block then a 1f which most unblockables are I assume. But the one I landed now I couldn’t block no matter how hard I tried. Just wanted to mention that it seems you can get different versions of this unblockable.

Another thing, Cammy players don’t need to worry about me landing unblockables against them lol. I can barely do tatsu > sweep half the time let alone these unblockable set ups where I have to perfectly time waiting 2 frames and moving forward another 2 frames before jumping. That isn’t the exact data, I just made it up. But that’s what it feels like.