"I am not sated-" Evil Ryu Video Thread



Why wouldn’t you plink? Also…in your post script, you say he plinks. Don’t be a douche unless you’re gonna make sense.


He said Sako doesnt plink with the back button. But he does, I will try to find footage from him doing an exhibition with his Hori stick, he was plinking everything with back button.


he plinks jabs with select button. period.


I do plink a 2 frame link and the purpose of that is to turn it into a 3f link.

He wasnt plinking c.MP and c.LP after the MK Axe Kick, he was using only c.LP. I cant say if he was double tapping or plinking with the back button.


here you go:


Not even gonna bother explaining the intricancies of plinking and double tapping…
Feeding caviar to pigs.


and trying to explain to you that sako plinks and blinks in ssf4 is like explaning the theory of relativity to a goat.

watch the video posted above you, it clearly shows him blinking everytime he hits punch for the loop( it registers as 2 lps everytime)

Its also the reason why he specifically made hori to allow configure his signature stick by using select button as any of the facebuttons without hardwiring (to enable blinking).

if you know japanese, the commentators mention people like sako blinking several times throughout the many leagues which have happened till now.


KOK: http://youtu .be/eOPkEYWxBwY?t=31m

Doing cl.mp xx mk axe kick on frame advantage is pretty sick. I usually just mash jabs, but this carries way more reward plus you can plink it.


not found here, and yes I noticed anc changed the " .be"


Works fine here.

Here’s the video though:

Skip to 31m


How often do you land the unblockable after the sweep? Its a really odd timming, the other day I spent like 30 minuts to land it once in the trainning mode. It usually gets blocked easily or it whiffs. The setups with f.throw and a step back are pretty easy, however. But arent hard to escape from aswell.


I remembered these vids right at the end of a good set with a Sim. Was awesome. Somehow he was blocking all my jumpin setups. I see my throw get him and I’m trying to think of something to do, and remember it right then. Unblockable into 400 dmg to win. He almost had me after losing 3 hard matches for both of us. Sadly, he quit after. :frowning:


Not often, it takes me a while to get it. Maybe 10-15 tries before I get at least one. But Sako has it down. He probably nails it 80% of the time or better. Sako’s wife explained to Xiaohai how he would spends hours working on this day after day until he perfected it. It should also be noted that the video I linked to has the player doing cr. MP after a MK axe kick. Sako always does a cr. LP after MK axe kick. I think it’s easier to land the unblockable that way as it has less pushback.

Honestly, it’s not something I can reliably do but I think going for a ambiguous jump in after sweep is a good follow up so I’d just keep trying it anyways whether I can land the unblockable or not.


Completely wrong sako does plink 1 frame link and he select/back-links them. If he as an arcade he does no but oh yea he plinks them. Ill try to find a vid in the next day or so if noone else does but it is clear watching his replays he does. you cannot plink 1 frame links. pressing a button and releasing is going to result in at least 3 frames of input. your seeing select linking going on which is why it looks like a double tap (since there is no other button present in the input as select does not show up).

Stop giving me aneurysms!! Sako even uses the hori stick’s features to rewire select to a button so he can select/back link. However if he is in the arcades he can hit the link without select/back-linking just fine as he is a beast.

[I may be wrong about the double tapping 1 frame links being impossible but, i know i s-links jab links as does momochi, sasaki and diago]


Apparently, at the arcade the Start button functions as the Select/Back button with regards to plinking. Or so I overheard someone say on stream one time when I was drunk.


I started using the back button to plink jabs, its an amazing tool for Evil Ryu, now I can land c.LP, cl.HP after LK AK fadc almost as much as I land the cl.MP. And I will land the c.LP as much as I do the cl.MP as soon I get used to move my fingers across the buttons, Im used to the fact my pointing finger never go beyond the LP, now it have to, and then return after the plink (My back is at the left side of the LP button). Sometimes I hit the c.LP and misses the cl.HP due that.


Rufus specific




An option to deal with Guile’s wakeups during the unblockable. The “mid-air” flashkick will beat it, but have in mind that this flashkick isnt a reversal, if you use a move that hits in the first possible frame you shall be able to hit guile before the fhashkick comes out.


the video with guile’s options:




Some more Evil Ryu videos. Local tournament in Utah with 801 Strider vs Justin Wong.