"I am not sated-" Evil Ryu Video Thread



KOK vs Juso in a FT10


[details=Spoiler]Juso wins 10-7. IMO this isn’t a bad match up for Evil Ryu, I think it’s 5-5 but that’s just me. I think Juso won because he was the better player. He clearly out footsied KOK all day. But their were aspect of this match that I didn’t like from KOK. He wasn’t DP’ing that much, I guess he was afraid that his DP would whiff, but this fear made him not DP jump ins and jumping tatsu’s that he clearly would have hit. He did adjust later and started DP’ing those jumps. And he was way too passive and let Juso get in his face and press buttons all day. Sakura may have better buttons, but still she shouldn’t be getting that kind of pressure.

He did make some adjustments and won 5 in a row after starting the match down 8-2. Overall I enjoyed and it was good to see KOK in a long set as he’s been the #1 Evil Ryu in the Japanese arcade as far as BP is concerned. [/details]

As for Justin vs Gustavo. It seems like Justin knows less about Evil Ryu than the average 3k PP online warrior lol.


Never considered E.Ryu a counter to Rufus. Does anyone else actually believe that?

Strider’s showing was very good. But I just can’t help but think that this matchup isn’t so hot.


Evil Ryu Playlist


Evil Ryu Sako Special



I dont think it is. I play Ryu as well and I wouldn’t think twice before to pick him instead Evil Ryu to fight a Rufus. Evil Ryu seems too slow to do good against Rufus IMHO, but I have almost no experience at all against that char.


I use eryu in that match, mostly. Just need to be careful. Can’t push many buttons, but once you knock him down, you should be able to stun him. Rufus has one of the lowest stun ratings in the game, and eryu does some of the most stun. It’s risky, but that’s really the only part of the match I see as being worse for eryu compared to normal ryu.


I wouldn’t consider Evil Ryu to be a hard counter against Rufus, but I think he’s fine in that match up. Probably even or a little in his favor if anything. He can zone and anti-air just as good as Ryu which is how Ryu is suppose to play that match up for the most part.


the main difference for me, the one I feel the most, is the slower c.HP. Ryu’s helps against Rufus’ frametrapping, The fact that Evil Ryu needs meter to do damaging combos and/or hard knockdowns when crouched while Ryu doesn’t also makes the difference in his favor in this match-up. To pressure Rufu’s wake up is an important part of this matchup, and Ryu knockdowns better and presses the wakeup better than Evil Ryu as well.



Grand Finals of Mix Up Night, Sako vs Uryo. Unfortunately, Sako didn’t finish the match with Evil Ryu. He switches to Cammy later.






My Win Streak




Looks like I’m not the only one using the idea of a immediate jump forward after sweep into hop kick > EX tatsu. I started using that earlier this year, it’s a great way to blow up crouch tech and if you can condition your opponent they’re either stop crouch teching or try to reversal you which you can easily escape since this isn’t even a safe jump. The timing is either exactly the same or almost the same off a LP SRK assuming your opponent does a quick rise.


Rice!! :smiley:
You see my video with the E.ryu sweeps above?. Yeah a lot of players try and grab or Cr.lk after an empty with E.ryu jump in.


Oh yeah, I did watch that at first. I forgot to comment on it since I got caught up watching the Majorboy matches. Nice find, hopefully we can do it legitimately in Ultra without needing to do something strange to make it work.



Here’s a match I recorded at CEO 2013 during the AE 2012 3v3 between Chris G (Sakura) and 801 Strider (E. Ryu). Enjoy and subscribe for more off-stream vids I’ll be uploading of CEO 2013 and EVO 2013 :slight_smile: