"I am not sated-" Evil Ryu Video Thread



I’'m tired of seeing that same damn combo uploaded. Just saying.


Some matches from a tournament the other week. Got some adon specific combos and matches vs full schedule.

Matches are at around 28:00 , 57:00 minutes respective with more torwards end of video.


That’s nothing new to me.


So I see a bunch of people making a brink of death video using certain characters. They like to pick on Akuma though with his 850 stun. I decided to make one for fun as well using the USF4 mod. Nothing fancy, just 3 different way he could stun Ryu with one combo into a successful guess. One of them is already possible in AE 2012 with the other two requiring USF4 to make it possible. Something I wanted to make a point of is that this all from footsies, no need to land a jumping heavy into close or crouch heavy punch which is just not something you can rely on to land against good opponents.

I hope to do one of these 3 some day in a real match.


Thnx for sharing Rice.

The target combo one will get used alot, I can tell you that hahaha


Something I forgot to mention in the video is that If they don’t quick get up then do OS cr. MP to time yourself for another fake cross up with j. HK. Thanks to Essex for that. When I learned that Evil Ryu got this target combo buff I got pretty excited because I know this gives him a easy and meterless fake cross up against 10 or so characters in this game.


Its more than 10 but i lost my test sheet :(. ill try to figure it out today


I was wondering, with the Ultra changes appearing, has there been more optimal combos for evil ryu?


pretty much none in terms of damage but he could get

tatsu sweep combos
easier meaty jab sweep combos
cr lp st mp xx St HP (target combo) vs crouchers [same damage as the lk axe combo but you can follow up with a meaty fireball/shaku for more damage]
corner target combo fake cross ups vs the chars i still need to test
easier cl mp xx hk axe combos

fucking canada cant preorder. oh well wanted to step my marvel game up. may wait till the 7th so i have a couple extra marvel days


Hi all, I was in the lab earlier today and i found a pretty interesting setup in the left corner: after a front throw, immediate c.mp x2, j.hk hit cross up but lands in front of the opponent, thats why i called it reverse crossup. It can be stuffed though, but i think it’s a great way to mindfuck your opponent.


does it work on other chars? im gonna test that later. im assuming you did but im just checking.


Here is my first upload on PS3. I’ll just say it right now, it’s just me thrashing a guy. I just wanted to show of some mix up potential Evil Ryu has now thanks to his faster sweep. My opponent didn’t use DWU at all though. I was kind of hoping he would just so I could have a video of Evil Ryu being able to adjust to it but it’s not big deal. But since we haven’t had a new video of Evil Ryu yet in quite a while, here is mine


Very nice Rice. Damn it, how come you never sent me a friend request on psn?.


heeeeere ya go :smiley: some evil ryu stuff in my vid


Here is another one of my matches. Tried uploading in high quality but nothing would happen. Finally got it work in low quality so the video looks like ass. But anyways, in this video I wanted to highlight how Evil Ryu can react to delayed wake up.

I do my normal “ambiguous jump in” timing. If I see “technical” then I’ll dive kick instead to maintain pressure. Not a guessing game though since I’ll always stay in front of my opponent. But this guy kept going for reversals against me. So I delayed my dive kick even more to dodge his DP and punish. If people insist on always doing DWU then just start timing your jump ins to land without a dive kick.

@Sonneillon This is my first time playing on PSN since December 2012. That’s what I saw when I looked at my replay. I played on 360 for a little while and then on PC exclusively until USF4 came out. I loaned it to my brother and never bothered getting it back until the week before USF4 came out. But I’ll send one the next time I get on. Don’t expet too much though. I’m fairly average at best. It may just be free wins for you.


Hi everybody i have my channel Twitch :slight_smile: http://www.twitch.tv/essx_the_sinner


More rare footage of Daigo’s character actually angry

Might as well plug a few of my own videos in this post.

Me vs a Ryu player. For some reason the video came out really slow. It was the same way when I watched it in the replay channel before uploading it. It wasn’t like that when we played though.

Me vs Dr. Chaos, who use to be pretty well known for his Ken. He made top 32 at EVO in 2010 I think. I hardly hear of him anymore though.


Video of Machabo’s Evil Ryu playing Nemo’s Rolento for over 3 hours. Machabo played Fei in AE 2012 and was the former #1 Evil Ryu player before Daigo took over. He has a insane 88% win rate with him, but it seems like he has stopped playing at the arcade because he’s gone from something like 29k in the first month to 32k now about a month later. Whatever the reason is he’s got a very good Evil Ryu and he shows it off in this very long set.


Here is my bad gameplay :frowning: someone help me.


Ok, lets get this straight. This was one scrubby and I mean scrubby Ryu!

You need to play very safe against these opponents. Don’t press buttons and try to aa every time. You cannot condition these kind of players because they do whatever they want and win 9/10 times because of there randomness. This is unfortunately a bad replay to advice you but necessary because this players exist. I lose to these people 1/3 times. Let them come to you and make the mistakes so you can profit off them. Try to go for max damage or a simple st.hpxxlk tatsu, hp srk. Try to stay 3/4 off the screen against Ryu and only chuck plasma if your sure there not going to jump.

Look forward to another replay of yours, you did not bad. These kind of players beat even the best. So don’t be to hard on yourself ;).