"I am not sated-" Evil Ryu Video Thread



i use to be worst(a 200pp player) than this 1month ago but i found out the problem and fix it with the help from other player, and now jump to 2k+ pp in few days by following those rules.

1)as evil ryu you want to be in effective range and try not to back off(try to maintain spacing) if you back off evil ryu= no pressure at all because it seems everyone is just scare of his cr.mk or jump in. ideally you want to keep a distance where you can jump in and land a kick on them when they use fireball. if you back off in distance they will just abuse their fireball or do anything random. keeping this distance also allow you to AA effectively when they jump in.

2)practice execution

3)your defend need to work on.

4)work on anti air

  1. try using hp hadoken for fast speed hadoken and switch in between lp and mp etc.

  2. focus atk through fireball or take small step and defend when they throwing fireball until you are in effective range. no point jumping in if you cant land a hit or endanger yourself.

number 1) spacing is most important and following this make me improve alot. evil ryu with no pressure is useless.


Thank you very much will try these things out hopefully post some new replays later… I just went nuts and posted a bunch…


I main Juri. I picked up Evil Ryu towards the end of AE to replace my old Alt(Akuma). He’s fun.

I was trying to react to a normal or EX Fireball from this Ryu. I think he wanted an EX Fireball, but got an EX SRK. I reacted to the yellow flash. I thought I was screwed because I let go of Ultra 1, but I guess as long as you hold again during the animation, you still get the charged version.


Kara Ultra 2 Video
thanks to @mapleleafs791 for the el fuerte tip


Practising my Evil Ryu Stun combos.


I made an SF4/Kof Highlight reel of sorts to get into video editing more since it can be fun. I hadn’t seen Kof and SF combined before so I tried it out. I used Evil Ryu for the SF stuff, and a variety of characters for the Kof stuff. It’s all ultra and recent so the footage is new (pretty much right when the game came out at the time of the edit).




Uploaded a couple matches between me and Donfloris on PC. We played a bunch of matches without keeping score, but it turned out we were 11-11 until the last game in which he won to slightly edge me in the 23 games we played overall. Matches were laggy(I’m from East Coast USA, he’s from the Netherlands) but playable so we both dropped a bunch of stuff and did a bad job of anti-airing in general but I still had a lot of fun. I actually like the Evil Ryu mirror, it’s mainly a battle of fundamentals but has its share of gimmicks as well. When we had two bars we were both utilizing FADC combos effectively and both of us stunned the other a lot through out the set.


Jeez I played terrible!! Even though the lagg was like 5 milliseconds I enjoyed the matches. Hopefully when the pc version gets its godlike netcode back the connection will be better.

Thanks again Rice for the matches!


All 22 colors. I like it more than the still shot made me think I would.


Daigo playing ranked against Bibi, the #1 Chun player in Japanese arcade rankings.


Nice stuff from Lil Evil [Next Level Battle Circuit stream]


Daigo vs Fenrir on his stream. Fenrir is probably more known as FenTamu though for those who watch SF4 videos on Youtube. He’s a top online Yun who plays extremely risky(even more so than Kazunoko IMO).

And I guess this is a foreigner in Japan who recorded a couple of his matches against Daigo.

An interesting take from this is that instead of going for the long axe kick loops made famous by Sako, Daigo is instead going for max stun combos by FADC’ing after the first axe kick which is actually the LK version instead of the MK version(not every time, but often). For example, in his match against Vega he punished with cl. HP, LK axe kick, FADC and repeated that 3 times with a couple of cr. LP in between and then went for a overhead that stunned Vega. The combo by itself does 865 stun, so even a kara throw would have dizzied 1000 stun characters like Ryu or Fei Long. The other combo that repeats cl. HP, MK axe kick. cr. LP, far MP, LK axe kick 2 times with the last one ending in a DP instead would have done 775 stun so you would need one more successful mix up or frame trap to get a stun on most characters.

This is something that I’ve thought about for a long time now. But I lack the confidence in my execution to go for it. The long combos ensure that even if you drop it(lets say the link after the FADC), you still got a decent amount of damage out if it. With the other one if you drop it after the FADC you only did 200, 120 less than the other combo when dropping it at the same point. And that’s the main reason why I only blow meter after a longer combo, gotta make sure I get some good damage first.


Seemed like he wasn’t aware of the match-up and missed some opportunities but w/e. Just pointing out a few combo variants:


strange [but effective] tatsu FADC combo by Sako @01:51


About those, the first one is the most typical FADC combo you’ll see most Evil Ryu player use unless they have select plink. Those guys will probably use cr. jab into cl. HP instead after FADC. The 2nd one I think Lil Evil messed up and a jab came out or he just wanted to do something easy to finish off the Balrog player. The last one had the same FADC link as the first one. Only reason he didn’t include a LK tatsu was because he hit the Rog player crouching so he went immediately to DP after MK axe kick.

The one with Sako was a reaction to Chun’s focus attack. He did cr. MK > HK tatsu to blow that up and I guess you can consider the FADC a OS. If he’s close enough to hit the knee, he burns the meter and can extend the combo. If he’s not then no meter is burned. As for Daigo, he’s not unfamiliar with the match up, he’s doing those combos for one reason and that’s max stun. I’m not sure which combos does more damage, but the ones he’s doing are definitely max stun combos.


Bonchan vs Daigo’s Evil Ryu

Daigo won the set pretty convincingly. I personally have a lot of trouble in this match up against better Sagat players when I try to approach them. Which is why my main strategy is to try and get the lead so I can lame him out. But my problem is that they effectively use well spaced tiger knees which are safe(or I just don’t know if they aren’t) to catch me off guard walking forward, break focus, and put me in block strings even if I do block it. And because I’m so worried about looking for the tiger knee I fail to anti-air when they jump because it’s simply too difficult for me to focus on both. Daigo had no problem doing that, but he’s Daigo. How do you guys fare when you face decent/good Sagat’s?


Here’s a playlist of my matches…
tell me what you think?




Ran into Arturo Sanchez in ranked, so I decided to finally try the youtube upload. Probably upload some more at some point.