"I am not sated-" Evil Ryu Video Thread



Video is private mate :wink:


Damn. Thanks for the heads up. Didn’t realize it automatically got set to private when you uploaded. It should be public now.


Second round could’t have gone any better!


This is me playing disrespectfully.
Yea, Its my fault for random ultra.


Some dude has been uploading Topanga A League matches. The one I was most excited to see was Daigo vs Momochi in the FT7 and it finally got posted a day ago. There are a bunch of other matches from that guys channel including many of Daigo’s other matches from Topanga. But like I said, this was the one I was most looking forward to.



Everyone is calling this the greatest match in SF4 history. How does Daigo do regular fireball fadc into ultra 2? I’ve been doing it with ex fireball all this time I didn’t even know you could do it from normal fireball but when I tried it in traning mode it never combo’d. Also why doesn’t Daigo use standing mk more? I use that move constantly its sooo good.


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Everyone is calling this the greatest match in SF4 history. How does Daigo do regular fireball fadc into ultra 2? I’ve been doing it with ex fireball all this time I didn’t even know you could do it from normal fireball but when I tried it in traning mode it never combo’d. Also why doesn’t Daigo use standing mk more? I use that move constantly its sooo good.


st.MK is focus bait. That’s probably why.


Looking for some critique on my neutral game and pretty much everything, but specifically my neutral. I feel like it’s my weakest area and I don’t have full control over my spacing.

Starts with an Evil Ryu Mirror. Small set vs A Rank Gouken at 23 minutes. Set vs Gen at 39 minutes. Set vs a Guile/Blanka/Bison (started getting kinda sloppy here, and got a few wake up ultras as opposed to teleports). There’s some good matches in between those, but most of them are one and done wins due to so-so connections (like vs the 4.6kpp Fei).

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

(Embedding kinda weird, but it’s titled: Endless (Evil Ryu))


Streaming now if anyone wants to watch. twitch.tv/dragonmetsu


Took a really bad beating from RoyalPhlush (who apparently mains Evil Ryu, so maybe he’s here). I’m looking for some advice on my ER and my play in general.

This was a rough set, and I’ve come to realize that I actually have some issues with Ryu in terms of getting into cr. MK range. Maybe it’s the fireball buff? Because of that, I find myself at an uncomfortable spot on the screen and I don’t know what to do. It causes me to give up (a lot of) space with back dashes or bad teleports. Or, even worse, I decide to jump forward and eat an SRK).

Anyway, I felt like I did very well at times and abysmal at others. I threw some really questionable fireballs (and ate jump ins, which looking now, I could see him stutter forward before jumping before I even threw the FB), and because I was losing the FB war, I think I went a little EX FB happy in hopes to get something going.

Oh, and I definitely should have baited more DPs and done less myself.


You definitely seem spot on with your own evaluation of yourself (too many EX FBs, late jump ins, etc). Just a lot of small things, really. Hop kick reaction tatsu and st.MK are good tools against Ryu’s cr.MK. Don’t forget that this a shoto matchup, so whiffing st.LK to make Ryu’s low attacks whiff works great. Also, Evil Ryu’s cr.MK to Fireball is punishable on block when Ryu is in the corner, so watch out for that.


I actually didn’t know that about cr. MK xx FB in the corner.

Thanks for the feedback. I do need to play with st. LK more. I honestly forgot about that option.

I’m going to post another set tomorrow probably.


Newest FT5. Tips and feedback is appreciated.

I’m more concerned with my matches vs Akuma/Oni than Gouken.
I tried to fight fire with fire a lot in this set. Rather than keeping it at a reasonable pace, this set was very “go-go-go!”. And because of that, I wasn’t able to react to a lot of things I normally could have, or I messed up my inputs.

It seems like a similar situation during the Akuma matches where I came up short in the neutral game a lot. I know Akuma has great footsies, but I made some bad choices. In the Oni matches, it looked like my energy dwindled a lot and I ended up coasting a bit.

All in all, I squeezed this one out, but it was not convincing at all.


FT5 vs a Cody player named Fluddz.

At the end of the set, he mentioned that my neutral felt strong but I was being too liberal with my meter which caused me to fall short in quite a few rounds because I couldn’t FADC the combo to finish it.

I really need to work on my meter management apparently because I got this critique very recently on another FT5.

Appreciate any feedback.


I agree. You have a strong neutral and you have a good sense of spacing. I’m actually jealous.

  • Yes, you are a bit too liberal with your meter.
  • Always stay aware of the overall game. Sometimes you do DP FADC when you have a very small chance of winning that round. Like say, you win the first round and you’re currently in the second round. You have 5% health and he has 80% health. At one point, you get knocked down and then you DP FADC to make your DP safe when you probably would have been better off cutting your losses and saving your resources for the next round when the situation becomes 100% health vs 100% health. The odds of winning here are better, especially since you have meter.
  • DP FADC forward is -5 and he punished it. There are countless players who still can’t punish it (me included), and I don’t mind that you challenge people sometimes with it. Just making sure you remember how unsafe it is, and whether or not burning two bars of meter to challenge the opponent that way is worth it.
  • Cody’s hop kick is a pain to deal with. It’s +1 on block. Even if it whiffs, Cody is in your face, which is where he wants to be. Try your best to low jab or low strong him out of hop kick. -_-


Thanks for the feedback (again). It feels like it’s just me and you on this forum.

Most of the games I played today I felt I made better use of my meter and even when I used meter in a not good way, i noticed it and made note of it that it was bad usage. so I’m on the right track. I landed a lot more damaging combos.

yeah I’m going to mess with the lab about what works best to deal with his crack kick.

and I need to start stand teching vs Cody because I think I ate too many throws. Given, I get hit with zero counter hit set ups, but still I think I teched a 1 out of every 5 throws.


This forum looks pretty dead, but I am looking to get some feedback on my E.Ryu.Here is a FT5 I played against Mr.SNK recently. He was brushing up for a tourney and used a variety of characters. I am sure there is stuff here that I could have done better, and I think my play got really sloppy toward the end of the set. Any feedback is appreciated!


I thought you did fine, just some execution errors here and there and at times, bad decisionmaking. As for the latter, just small things you need to work on, not pressing buttons or backdashing on wakeup, for example. Another one is pressing buttons during Ryu’s low forward fireball block string. If it’s not focus or something of the sort, it’s probably not worth pressing. Your overall footsies and AAs seemed fine to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just some Evil Ryu action , i was rusty and dropped some crucial stuff other than that Rose MU is annoying for me =)