I am not sure if this is the right place to post it but, which HDTV has


no input lag at all? I played SF4 on 2 of my friends samsung tv and the input lag was horrible. What tv was used for Westcoast Warzone? I remember they said they will be providing the hdtvs that will have no input lags at all.

Any helps needed and thanks in advance



Go to General Discussion or Tech support, jesus christ, what the fuck does HDTV’s have to do with fighting games? Because you play SFIV on it? I guess you could have posted it there, this might be the lesser of two evil’s.


mmmhm and the bad language is a necessity to show ur expressions towards my wrong doing? I have said " I am not sure whether if its the right place to post this but" and I just joined. Oh wells there are always trolls around in all kinds of forums anyways. No surprise


Trolls or not trolls, but you should open your eyes - Tech Talk is one forum below this one.


Here’s what your lookin’ for OP…



thanks, i would delete this thread but however i dont know how =/


Tech Talk, friend.

Here is the description of the aforementioned sub-forum:


yea i realize I havent caught my eyes onto that for some reason