I am not using "TURBO" and heres the Proof


Ok from what i am hear’n there’s been some rumors on wheather or not i am using TURBOS win playing HDR. SO i decided to write to put a stop to it, once and for all.

While playing and, beating SMQ91 for the million time and, of coursr he mails me mean stuff all the time but, this time he said to me this.

“everyone knows u use turbo u fucking freak”

This is not my first time i have heard this
so i wanted to put a fast and a Definitive stop to this, what i can tell is that people think when i do, whats been call by DAMDAI the “Mavrick SPECIAL” is when i cross over with jump mid kick with BISON then immediately go into the light kicks or i would just walk up and, begin the light kick lock down such as in this video that i recorded from home if you fastfoward to 1:20 and 2:13 time frame you would see what i mean.


if you listen you can hear me pressing the button as every kick is coming out but, still does not prove that i am not using turbo but, in this next video. I am at EVO 2009 playing Nohoho (in case you dont know) He’s a very popular and, hard and maybe the best us BLANKA player in the U.S. In this one i am at EVO in front of like 3 or 4 Hundred people give or take a couple of people.


and in this video again shot at EVO 2009 you will be able to see where the “Mavrick Special” was used again.


So as you can see i am not using TURBO to do the COMBO’s that i do nor am i using TURBO for anything else. I hate having to Prove myself this why but, guess i have too.

And, also to SMQ91 eat a dick, stop using excuesses when ever you lose i lose alot too but, i dont go telling people that beat me that there using turbo.


Mavrick you’re not fooling anybody. You always use turbo…

I’m kidding. :smile:


I’ve played you many times and have NEVER thought you used turbo. SMQ is just a loser, I wouldn’t expect much more from bitter nerds.


At Final Round Mavrick got me in his standing light kick lock down with Dic, and I’d never seen it before - I thought it was an infinite! Embarrassing. So yeah, Mavrick is for real.


People cant reversal?


Don’t listen to smq91. He has always been an asshole. I love playing you even though i SUX! but no i don’t believe your usng turbo at all. good Games


I live in Miami and have played mavrick at least 20 times and in no way is he using turbo but, i’ll tell you his secret. What mavrick does is double tap the buttons thats how he gets the Rhythm for the corner trap with the light kick.



Sometimes i wonder if it is an infinite, someone else like you got the rhythm correct and I was fooling around and picked E.Honda. I did a reversal ochio throw, with the message appearing and the thing still didnt come out, tried a e. honda headbutt, same result. I was like wtf? The counter to this? Sit there and block until your opponent gets bored, because a whole bunch of things ive tried havent worked so far lol. Someone have a better idea?


^^ Pretty hard to believe a st.lk beat a command throw and a move thats invincible on start up but hey what do i know right?


Haters go home, Mav is real-time. :nono:


Watch the video and you’ll see a reversal rolling ball attempt that didnt come out.


Ball isn’t invincible on startup. So, if you reversal ball into a meaty attack that beats it, it doesn’t really matter if you got the reversal or not. For example, Chun’s J.Mk beats it clean from far distances, so if you do a meaty J.Mk from pretty far out, a reversal ball will lose cleanly. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Bison’s S.Lk could beat Blanka Balls clean.

And on a related note to this thread, people crying turbo is so lame. I had a really good player accuse me of using turbo recently, and I was pretty taken aback (and I have no idea what I do that would make anyone think I use it). People need to get over their egos and stop assuming that the only way they could POSSIBLY lose is by someone using turbo.


Not sure about that. Ball hits on first frame so there are no startup frames meaning that it is possible to reversal with it. Chun Li can stuff any Blanka balls from far away but she will trade or lose if she tries to jump in with j. lk.

Also, I find that the best counter for the barrage of s. lk’s from Bison is to throw/bite.


Not invincible at all. Reversal throw with blanka is probably the best option.


I never thought you used turbo because i know it pushes dic out too far after 3 (i think?) hits which combo. Every time you do the lock down it’s at the same space but doesn’t combo. turbo would never create the same effect

do people think or test before accusing people?


Blanka is especially vulnerable to corner lockdown stuff because most of his regular moves come out very slow, and his only invulnerable special won’t get him out of trouble in the corner.


Thank you, I have been trying yo explaine that to people since i started doing that and, now since i posted this now he’s telloing me that i use TURBO because i am out throwing him almost everyt time. i am trying to help him understand PIANO metd but his just not getting it.

And, yes the LK does stuff blanks baLL and also hondas head butt amd most of any low part move


I didn’t say it wasn’t possible to reversal with it, but what I am saying is that just because it hits first frame doesn’t mean it’s impossible to beat clean. A really far J.Mk (not J.Lk) with Chun-Li can do it. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if some other people have meaty attacks which, when spaced properly, can be used as a safe meaty on Blanka.


i got hit with your Maverick SPECIAL several times yesterday haha…I never thought you used turbo, just a man who trained hours in Training Mode…ggs btw


I find it hard to believe a stand lk can stuff an invincible lp headbutt from honda. I know it isnt instant start up but it should at least trade