I am opening a new venue for weekly free play

Hello my name is Efo and for the last two months in Chicago I have been working hard to try to find a venue to hold weekly casual gaming. I am in talks as of right now and things are looking up. What I am here to ask is how many people in or near the Chicago land area that are interested in coming to enjoy some casual play in Marvel vs Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter, and Tekken? If you have any other games you want to suggest or are interested in attending please let me know on my email: Inuyasha4706@yahoo.com, or answer this thread. Thank you in advance.

while posting in this section is valid as you’re advertising an event, you’ll probably get more of a response over at http://shoryuken.com/f21/chicago-thread-2010-11-our-favorite-thread-we-post-all-time-243474/