I am salty- RL friend troll Joker!

Hey guys I need some advice or some strats on killing Joker. I play as Nightwing and I know a bunch of combos and ways of getting in. The only and main problem I have is getting hit with cross ups which I am working on and getting much better at blocking as well as being pressured into a corner. I am unable to punish any of Jokers moves. This is how the match plays out.
First seconds are usually me jumping in or dash to add pressure and try for F213 combo he blocks and punishes me by using low toe stab and buttflop move. After that he usually goes for cross ups if I successfully block then he just adds more pressure. If I get into the corner its pretty much gg. I have tried everything and the only thing I can kind of get off is Crouching 1 2 then df2. Flip kick gets hit out of air when I try to cross up or wake up with it. Is there any moves on Joker that have a long recovery time and also is close enough to punish? In general I need some advice. I’ve tried practice mode and can’t find anything useful against him. He has a capture card and he has a bunch of vids. If he uploads them I will link them here for some critques. Thanks all!