I am scared of Shoryuken =(

When I vs Shotos I am scared of that wake up Shoryuken. I don’t know what it is; is my meaty timing off, is my distancing bad? But whenever I go to pressure on wakeup, I tend to eat a DP from time to time. Getting hit by Ryu’s EX DP doesn’t annoy me as much as a regular one, because I feel like I should be able to beat it. Am I right or am I wrong?

You can beat it by blocking.

to be honest I try to block but then I feel like my offense becomes broken and I’m giving my opponent a chance to breath again. And sometimes I end up getting thrown for respecting the DP too much =(

Maybe work on positioning and timing more. I’m not sure how you play but you can’t just knock someone down then walk up to them and attempt a meaty attack. Because the opponent will catch on fast onto what you’re doing every time you try do a meaty attack they will know what you’re going to do before you even do it. Basically If you’re getting reversal SRK too much you have a pattern problem.

Find out as many ways as you can on how you can approach a knocked down opponent in different ways which will not give any signs that you’re going to do a meaty attack or you’re going to block. Once your play style becomes more random you will become unreadable and opponents will not chuck SRKs out as much.

You’re just being too slow to punish. Just blocking a Shoryu will give you an opportunity for a fat combo, just work on the timing.

Block and wait. You really shouldn’t be on their shit that close all the time anyway. Back off and stay right outside cr.mk range. Then you’re back in control and its not such a random 50/50 situation. Sounds like you’re just being too obvious really.

what i meant was i block anticipating the shoryu but they walk up and throw. But then again that just might be my bad positioning and slow reaction lol

I think that was a big problem i was having. I definitely was up close most of the time, I’ll make sure to watch my distance more carefully now thanks