I am searching artwork for mod Sega saturn stick Jap



All in the title!!I’m searching artwork (street fighter 4 if possible) for my Sega saturn stick Jap. Maybe you have a download link

Thank you very much


I’m sorry…



Post more concrete details about what your stick is, pictures, links, etc.


You have to specify which stick it is… Pictures and manufacturer’s names are appreciated!

The Japanese Saturn had something like a million sticks released for it in Japan.

Even in the US there were something like a half-dozen licensed and official Sega sticks released during the 3 years of the system’s life here…


looks like wes needs to study more…



Please take as a light hearted joke and not an insult


ok one picture of my stick



Sorry Wes,

But I think you’re going to have to do the custom on your own…

Don’t think anybody has a template for that stick here.

Saturn’s fairly old and just not as popular as other systems of that era or since then.

Besides, I think think the oldest system that’s getting templates is probably the PS2 and that’s helped a lot by the fact that the more popular Hori sticks on that system share the same chassis as the 360 and PS3 versions. PS2 is also still getting fighting games made for it in Japan and has an active import scene to this day.

Superficially, that Saturn joystick cabinet does look a lot like the HRAP joystick casings. Even IF that Saturn stick faceplate were the same size as the HRAP faceplate, you’d still have to figure out the layout and spacing of the button holes on your own. It’s easier to scan in a bare faceplate (keep the artwork on, though!) than trying to measure the button holes out and go crazy figuring out angles. That’s really creating work than you need to do here.

My recommendation…

If you can, take apart the Virtua stick. Remove all the buttons and the joystick if at all possible so that you have a bare faceplate. (If this stick is anything like the Saturn sticks I used to have, the buttons probably aren’t soldered into the PCB. They most likely push on the PCB with plastic contact pads. They’re probably not directly wired or soldered onto the PCB.) Take digital pictures of the interior if you have to so that you can put everything back where it belongs. Definitely get some zip lock bags/small plastic bags to put loose parts and screws in otherwise you’ll be haunting Lowe’s, Home Depot, a local hardware store, or bugging/begging people here for parts(!).

Scan the faceplate into your computer (if you have the hardware and software) and use that scan as your template.

Depending on how big that faceplate is, you may have to scan it twice and composite it in photo-editing software. The most important things to get from that scan are hole patterns/alignment and the the size of artwork/template outline that you can put on the faceplate. Scan at 300dpi. You can modify/alter the resolution later on if the online artwork you find is lower resolution but if you’re going to scan new art at 300dpi in I recommend 300dpi for the template. If the resolutions don’t match up, let’s just you’ll have a nice resizing problem when you attempt to import artwork onto the new template.

You may not even have to sacrifice your old artwork/remove it. From what I see in your picture, it looks like your stick faceplate is held on by carriage bolts like the Hori Real Arcade Pro. You won’t have to tear off the existing artwork to fit on new art… just slap the new artwork on top of it. Even new laminated art won’t increase the thickness of the faceplate/existing art much at all. Your buttons will fit back on fine as long as the holes in the new artwork are cut well.

The bad news about carriage bolts is that you’ll have to open up the stick from the bottom and remove ALL the parts that you can as neatly as possible from the bottom on up.