I am SPARTACUS! Starz Original

I was flipping through on Demand & i saw a trailer for an upcoming tv show on Starz this January. Spartacus Blood & Sand

Looks fucking good, feel like busting out my old Gladius game.


I saw an extended trailer for this before watching Avatar yesterday… it looks good, but just completely borrowed from elements of Gladiator & 300. But what do I know? I’m not opposed to checking it out. Plus it’s on Starz, which which means good chance of bewbs :tup:

I don’t like how 300 they made everything look but if it ends up half as good as Rome was I’ll give it a shot.

Am i the only one watching this? At first i was bit turned off of how much they try to be 300/Gladiator but its actually growing on me. The show is freaken violent as hell & lots of boobs/dicks everywhere…Will continue to watch!

Me and yellows4 are watching this shit.


Most fun show to come out on television for a long while.

lol episode 4 had a gay sex scene

pietro dropped the soap pretty hard

rofl missed ep.4. been watching though. shits not bad. its just 300 meets gladiator. spartacus’ wife is banging hot too. not lookin forward to seeing the gay sex scene though on the rerun later. wtf.

ninja edit: mispelled “hot”

I saw Xena: Warrior Princess naked. I am conflicted.

shows prety good. but some of the actors cant act worth a shit. cant wait for spartacus to bust out of schoolthen it should pick up. i hope they get the end right. if i remember my history channel viewing correctly didnt he get of his hose and slash the horses throat and then raise his arms at the roman army at his last battle?


I love it.

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ive only watched episode 1 i need to catch up. i think mens health has the workout in it this month. ima have to check it out


that is all.

ninja edit: maxx, its only been 4 episodes so far. not too far behind.

Acting is horrible, but blood and tits at least get me watching.

I watched the first two episodes and pretty much just gave up. I found it to be pretty awful in almost every way I care to think (the dude getting both his legs cut off in mid air was just hilarious, and not in a good way) of. I did hear it gets better, but honestly I would be hard pressed to be bothered. The constant slow mo and poor mans 300 vibe was even more irritating than I thought it would be on top of everything else I didnt like.

who needs great acting when you got great action, great tits, and great visual effects with mediocre acting.

Im watching this & i was like damn it would suck to be a slave…I mean did you see the guy peeing & black slave was holding his shirt up for him…When he got done he wipe himself on him, fucking brutal…

Anyway, this show is fucking amazing…

Highlights so far

Spartacus wife…Damn she’s like Liv Tyler w/ ass & boobs
Xena getting naked
Penis shots
Black dude from 300 w/ badass whip
Hairy Gina
Guy cut off face & put it on his
Woman with breast & Penis & missing an arm
Brokeback Rome
Curly fucks some hot chick while everyone watches

i think that all happen in Episode 4

This <----