I am SPARTACUS! Starz Original

They really cut back on the slo-mo,and basically got rid of the cgi blood splatter that was so prominant in the pilot. The fight scenes and brutality are much improved when using more traditional filimng methods.

Thank God for that. The pilot was a little ridiculous with all that crap. I’ve seen all the episodes so far and they’re pretty damn good. The show is basically fucking and killing but that’s the point and it does what it set out to do quite well.

I was thinking that too. I noticed the weird blood effects were gone after episode 2 and although it still has the slow motion fighting they either cut down on it or made it less noticeable because that shit bothered the hell out of me and I didn’t notice it much in the last 2 episodes.

episode 4 is the best episode so far. so glad i missed the first 15 minutes lol

Good series. Y’all should watch Raimi’s other show, Legend of the Seeker if you haven’t. It’s like his Hercules and Xena shows without all the stupid ass comedy heh. :smile:

But yeah when that fighter was wearing Fugitive’s face that was really cool! :chainsaw:

I’m digging the show. I thought it was going to be garbage watching the first episode which was way over the top but it was quickly toned down which made it enjoyable.

Not to mention the Xena titties.

In the first ep I didn’t mind the slow motion but I didn’t like that they kept spraying buckets of blood and in the next scene there’d be no blood on the ground / sand. I was like WHA… The series is called "Sparticus BLOOD AND SAND. If it was a movie I’d demand a refund on the spot! :looney: Yeah they toned that stuff down a bit.

Ugh… they brought back the blood effect briefly. That sucked. What was worse? Hermaphrodites. We didn’t need that.

all true, i found the more it mimicked 300 in style the less i liked it.

i really am enjoying now after catching up with the first 4 eps.

Yeah, I’m watching Legend of the seeker, as I’m a huge fan of the Book’s, however they have nothing in common just about, so I have to really forget everything I read. It’s a good sydicated show, some nice fights and interesting plot’s, nothing at all like the blood and nudity of spartacus.

Im convince the person doing the camera work is either a chick or really gay dude. I mean yeah i can understand the full frontal nudity but do you guys notice how man crotch pause this show has, sometimes almost zooms in trying to show the guys ass when they are getting up…

Episode 5 was so fucking gay & manly at the same. Definitely the best episode so far…This is actually the show i crave more then anything else, even more then Lost & Survivor…Next week looks kinda weak but at least we get to see Spartacus wife again :sad: hope to see her naked again…

I think the show is covering all of it’s bases.

It’s got the boobs and vag for straight men, and it’s got the cock and the gay for the chicks and gay men.

Good episode last night, this show is really suprising me on how goodl it’s gotten since it’s horrible pilot.

Too much dick imo but still a great episode. I thought they killed off Crixus at first, which would have pissed me off since Spartacus needs his rematch.

Legend of the Seeker is surprisingly decent. Like you said you have to ignore what you read in the books or all the changes will drive you crazy. That show also has some of the hottest women on television, too bad they can’t have nudity :frowning:

waiting on xena + blondie lesbo scene

Its more like waiting for xena +Blondie=this+[media=youtube]03L_ZTbKiRc&feature=related"[/media]

am i the only one who thinks crixus looks like ivan drago?

missed ep5 as well. d/l’ng right now.

this show gets better every week.

whoa sparta’s wife is hawt!:hitit: and her name is “cummings” lol…

watched 1st ep on netflix. so far so tits…I mean good.

rofl did everyone look that bitch up.