I am taking requests


Hey I am taking request I have nothing to do so tell me what you want…and I will try my best.:cool:


like your av man,nice lighting!:cool:


this av is tarded man i made it in like 3 seconds,


yeah but its still cool.:cool:


Sup, can u make a sick chibi gundam AV with IceVein on it sumwhere?:smiley:


Or a Charlie Nash AV thatd be dope…if ur bored i can come up with lots of shit.:lol:



JJac, please wait for two weeks after you already got requested early today. :wink:

please avoid that before you will calledl as avatar whore


hahaha ya i was J/P :lol:


can i get a signature(a signature not a avatar)with this sprite.color:black,grey,light brown(make a cool design with thoose colors).and the name ali on the side in IMPACT font.thanx:D

oh yeah outline the signature in black:D …


I can try my best I will get it done today.


here you go I made two for you pick the one you like best.


that shit look right:D :smiley: :smiley:


glad to help you man.


Hey testament, if ya got time, could you make an Av with Sagat, Yamazaki and Mai? That’d be kewl. :slight_smile:


May i request a magneto av showing off some hot skillz


Is it okay if i have kilik from soul calibur 2 doing A+B move or (4(B) then B) with the flames on the kali-yuga…with my name on the bottom in its own little border with some flaming(no not flame) text…red bg is ok…it might sound hard so u dont have to do if u want…


Metallion-I can do that
DragonStatus-I am not good with animation’s
x CrzyPn01b01 x-Dude I can make you one with kilik but i doubt it will be the move you want ill do some reasearch on the game so don’t think I can come through.


i don’t care about animation just really cool looking stuff


i also need an av with magneto. i dont care whats on it as long as it looks nice . thanks


jack fucking stezoo1