I am terrible at MvC2. Help anyone?


I’m so terrible I can hardly get to the final boss of the game without losing a few times on the default difficulty. I need a serious crash course with someone who is at least decent at this game. Its weird, but I’m more than competent in SSF4, but MvC2 is pretty much foreign to me. The whole air combo thing is pretty new to me, I don’t understand it in the slightest bit. Every time I went online, I pretty much got steamrolled time in and time out. I also feel like the DS3 is severely holding me back. It serves me well in SSF4, but MvC2 is a whole different story. My PSN name is ever_so_black

I also have some fight stick questions too. My budget screams the Madcats SE stick, but I’m concerned about reliability. I don’t have a credit or debit card, but I do have PayPal. What are the quickest, cheapest ways to get Sanwa parts?


Read the stickes when it comes to sticks and execution.

An SE plus parts would be the cost of a TE, get a TE instead.

You really can’t play marvel on a pad


Most Marvel players will tell you to get an AMERICAN stick (HAPP), not a Japanese (Hello Kitty, er I mean Sanwa) stick, though as in any game, the controller you use is going to make less a difference than understanding how the game works.

Just like in any fighting game, playing single player won’t really tell you much about your skill.

I recommend two things to make you better:

Go to local tournaments (even for street fighter), and play mvc2 with people that know the game, they can easially give you tips.
If you can’t find a local tournament (you aren’t trying hard enough) - go online and instead of ranked matches, do the casual unranked lobbies. I believe this works better on xbox live than psn because most xbox players have access to a microphone, and can chat with you while playing.


Ooo… I live in a very rural part of Kansas. Nothing exciting for miles and miles and miles and miles around. I do live in a college town though, I play SSF4 with my buddies, but I usually wipe the floor with them. Nobody is really into MvC2 for the same reasons I suck at.


If you don’t have anybody to play against it is going to be difficult to improve at marvel once you reach a certain point.

As far as the basic stuff, you will need to learn how to pick a good team, and how to play against the teams you can expect to see.

The MvC2 subsection of SRK has tons of information. If you have specific questions, they’re answered there. I suggest picking a concept, like wavedashing, and learn how to do it, and implement it in your game play. Just build up your game piece by piece.


I’ve been there, and its like trying to read German or something. Its quite a bit more complicated than I’d have ever imagined. Guess I’ll have to stop complaining and learn up though. Thanks for you time man.


Like I said, just pick one thing at a time and learn it.

If you can make it to Season’s Beatings 5 in Ohio next month, that’s pretty much Marvel Mecca.


learn how to dash with two buttons
learn how to wavedash
learn magic series
learn launch to magic series

thats the basic of the basics. if youre playing online, just knowing that will give you a leg up on about 30% of the online competition. youll be amazed at how many times people fall for easy launches to magic series combos REPEATEDLY.