I am Terribly, TERRIBLY in need of help (cant connect to servers) error 21009

Please, tell me one of you guys can solve this issue.
I can´t connect to the servers. The servers went down for maintenance 4 weeks ago, and I formatted my computer so I had to uninstall all steam games (im in PC).
After a re-installed, SF5 doesn´t connect anymore to the servers. I receive an error message and thats it.

-I tried to uninstall the game and reinstall it.

  • I tried to add an exception to my firewall
  • I tried to uninstall completely antivirus software and the problem keeps on happening.
  • Capcom support claim this is a firewall issue but I already tried to play withtout both (win firewall and antivirus) with no success.
  • Everything else is working here. All other games, H1Z1, Hearthstone, even street fighter 4!

Before this, I couldnt connect to servers, and my name was replaced by ----- but my fight money was right and I still could find ranked and casual matches. now I cant find anything and I cant download any updates too.
The error is [21009]

Any help will be much appreciated

I heard making a new steam name helped some