I am the Best Chun-li on this planet



Now, before the flames/blowups/rants/trolls I just want to clarify that this is my opinion. I agree I have no way to back up this claim nor am I belittling other Chun players out there. However, for what I can do without key buttons, I just gotta believe I am the best. I love everyone though. Let’s keep leveling up.

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I saw that video of you on youtube. Have to admit that i got touched. So with that said …
Keep your good work up mate , you are awesome.

Hope you’ll kick daigo’s arsh @ evo.


I knew I recognized the name. You going to any major tournaments this year?


Texas showdown for sure


Irony: Being the best at using a video game character who’s primary offensive tool is her legs.




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Not sure if real Brolylegs…



btw i’m the best hot dog legged bitch, let’s have mirror matches tonight to prove the best from the fraud

edit: yes that is the real brolylegs


LOOOOOOOOL, geoff. Na, I am him. we can play if you think im not.


do u play XBL brah?


gt Brolylegs


You should MM some other Chun’s where they can only use the buttons that you do. That should be interesting.

You coming to Final Round?


no FR for me. im currently looking for a sponsor willing to help me out. I seriously can help them out in big ways. And FR is ps3, so i cant play on it. I’m all 360 pad, =[


I hate to disagree. I don’t think you’re the best. I’ll be honest and say your game is solid, but it doesn’t impress me like Nuki, Nemo, Haneyama, or Y24. I think the best Chun li player in the US would be Lud or maybe Shizza if he still played. I think you’re pretty good, but definitely not the best.


I respect that. M impression cant reach the japs simply because I haven’t gone to any majors except Evo. Lud, never seen gameplay, and Shizza retired before AE I think, so I dont know about them. I only respect Toi and Ricky as the other Chun main here in US. I’ll step my game up vs them real soon.


Ricky Ortiz? I think he’s an excellent player, but I honestly think he used Chun on Vangief just to counter pick. I don’t think Ricky Ortiz was a superb Chun, just a solid one.


you had me at the thread title but then you lost me at the first sentence

dont apologize, own it. tell everyone else to get fucking good


Its not really a ‘‘Nah, nevermind’’ but a respect thing. I’m new to SRK, but I do hold my ground to my title.

Vangief did get top 8 evo 2010, and for Ricky to beat him w/ a pocket chun is still too good. Not alot of Chun mains can say that.


That’s what’s good. Don’t ever change for these decadent PSTriple supporters. :rock:


You said you wanted Rose’s vagina.

I cannot let that stand.

Engarde, sir.