I am the epitomy of a tier list


So to clarify I’ve been playing SF since I was 10 with SF 2 and I’ve played most games including MvC CvS and even SvC. Something I noticed with my gameplay, or at least when it comes to win and losses, is that I love low tier characters. With IV I’ve stuck mainly to low tiers because they’re playstyle seemed different to me. Hakan, Seth (although hes mid-high now) Rose, Gouken, etc. Recently I dont know if its been AE being broken or me just being in a slump but I’m getting murdered lately. Like HARD. My PP went from almost 2000 to below.I’m not sure what it is but i’ve taken long breaks and I’m still dying badly. I’m wondering what my problem is right now and thinking maybe I should take more than just a week off from the game?

Reason I ask is because this is whats been happening. All the characters I love like Hakan (main) Seth (2nd) Rose (3rd) or Gouken (4th) I’ve been getting dominated lately. I couldn’t find anyone who was same region same skill level so I put any skill (this is probably the biggest contributing factor to my ass kicking ive been getting). So today I raged. Hard. I said fuck it and started picking Mid-Midtop- top tiers. So I go out there shotos and twins a blazing. Mashing buttons scrubbing it up and what happens? I face the exact same people of skill level but start flooring them. WTF?!

Keep in mind I don’t use any of these characters (can’t even properly use Yang’s rekkas) and I’m winning. I’m no expert clearly but shouldn’t I still be losing? What am I doing properly with the top tiers that I’m not doing with my beloved lower tiers? Is going all out not thinking the best strategy for me in my slump? How should I change my playstyle to match my top tier performance?

TL;DR I win with high tiers lose with low tiers, I want to win with low tiers ( i main them). What should change in my general playstyle?



You’re playing to get better when you pick your main low tier characters, you’re playing just to win when you pick the top tiers. It’d be like quitting your job because you won a 1000 dollars one night in Vegas, it’s not viable in the long term.


Learn that you have to work harder with low tiers. There is no specific playstyle that will net you wins with all the low tier characters, nor is there a blanket strategy you can use to be good with all of the low tier characters.

Just practice practice practice and learn that you’ll have to work more to get the same stuff out of it.


You should pick the top tiers, work on your fundamentals and try to beat those low tier characters with them. When you do that you will have a better understanding why top tiers are beating the low tier characters, the strengths of those top tiers and the weaknesses of those low tiers. And only so will you have a better idea as to how to win with low tiers.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to play low tier characters, or characters that are different and not scrub friendly. But I hope you don’t have the idea that the low tier characters are somehow entitled to winning the top tier characters, or that using low tier characters make you more skillful than those winning with top tier characters. Because you don’t become more skillful getting beaten and not knowing why you are getting beaten.


There’s a lot of instances where high tier characters are newbie friendly. This is where you can do dumb things more safely (Maybe the ways to punish the moves you’re using are more esoteric than block and punish), use basic strategies to win, setup their Ultras like a tent, etc.

If you want to play characters with more complicated gameplans, tricks and setups, especially if said things net you less than what you’d get from a better character, you need to learn your stuff. You need to understand the character and the game engine. If you do, your questions will be answered. You’ll know why you lose, and what you need to work on. You have plenty to work towards. Most players do.

If you want to win with a low-tier character. Pick one. Learn one. Learn everything about them. Learn everything about their matchups. The progression is no different than with any other character, except that victories won’t be handed to you in as many cases (I still steamroll with Dan often, but that’s because I learned everything and more-or-less mastered my execution for him).


I’ve seen this so many times and the statement that he says that sticks with me all the time is "I’m tired of outplaying somebody then Ooooo miraculous ultra and now its a ‘close’ match."
I feel this happens to me the most. I’m doing well and then I fall for the stupidest shit and bam free damage.

I may do this to learn the fundamentals even better and a get a good grounding (Ryu seems to be serving me well). Good advice.

More great advice thanks. For the first part I think thats my problem. In the beginning no one knew how to face Seth’s or Hakans but since we have the internet and more pros using them, most of those tricks and gimmicks I’d go to have been exposed. In addition I don’t think i’ve fully adapted to that fact and keep trying to use those gimmicks and getting blown up for it. I guess I need to learn some new tricks.

This is also my biggest problem. I have character ADD. I can never stick with one, always gotta switch it up, because mentally I get bored and want to play a different one. Its why I use Hakan and Seth because they are so unorthodox and different from the rest of the cast that I find more enjoyment out of them. But maybe I’m blinded by that fact and subconsciously am too stubborn to learn something new with them that may not be as fun to show off with but is more effective.


Also consider in SSFIVAE, your PP is how you are matched up against better players. The higher your PP the more challenging things cant get.

Although this isnt the case for everyone, it seems to have been the trend for myself, as well as some of my friends (who are far superior to me)


Every character has their own gameplan. As you play, you learn all the different characters setups, and how they want to get in or do damage to you. These are the “matchups.” You can’t just dp a chicken wing out of nowhere. You first have to learn when Fei will want to do that chicken wing, watch for it, maybe even buffer, then when he does it, and you’re ready for it, you can dp it on reaction.

When someone is playing a character they do not know how to play, matchups are almost non existent. They will do all kinds of unsafe attacks, push the wrong buttons from the wrong ranges, jump at weird times. When someone doesn’t recognize this quickly, it will cost them the game. I suspect this is why you beat better players with the high teirs. You’re just unpredictable, and they don’t turtle quickly enough. When you play your low teirs, you know what you want to do, you have a gameplan, and your opponent probably knows that gameplan, also, so it’s more difficult. You also have less invested in the high teir characters, so I’m sure those losses hurt much less, and are forgotten more quickly.