I am the greatest - experience at Taito Station


I’m in Tokyo for work, and happened to walk by Taito Station in Shibuya last night, so decided to check it out. I haven’t been on this forum for a year, and haven’t played SF4 for even longer than that, but decided to throw down for a 100 Yen. I played pretty bad, dropping combos left and right, but miraculously went undefeated against Japan’s best (sarcasm) on my way to finishing the game (3-0). I’m surprised I was even able to finish the game - I suppose I should have stalled longer on the horrible CPU opponents (the CPU is on level 1, literally double perfect on them all).

In summary, I went undefeated in Japan and I’m the best around (queue Karate Kid theme music).


So you’re saying you played against CPU or real opponents? I doubt you whooped Japanese street fighter players if you haven’t played the game for over a year. That stuff is engrained in their culture. Not saying a Japanese player can’t be beat. You gotta be good to though…